JeffSkoll's Los Angeles-based production company Participant Productions islaunched a revamped website last week containing information about film-relatedsocial action campaigns.

Eachtitle featured on will host a corresponding social actioncampaign on the website.

Featuredtitles include Niki Caro's upcoming sexual discrimination drama NorthCountry, George Clooney's McCarthyEra tale Good Night, And Good Luck,and the political thriller Syriana from directorStephen Gaghan.

"Participate.netis a novel way, we think, to create a virtual place where the entertainmentworld and the social sector can meet and interact," Participant president RickyStrauss said.

"Our company mandate is tocreate films and documentaries that entertain and empower and we hope will be a place where filmmakers, policy experts, actors,filmmakers and citizens at large can come together around the themes presentedin our films."