Participant Productions will present a feature documentary directed by
Brian Hill to be inspired by the Live Earth concerts.

The film will aim to capture the spirit of the concerts, a series of
eight events set to take place around the world on July 8 put together by Live 8 executive producer Kevin Wall, Al Gore, and the Alliance for Climate Protection.

The film will also document stories of individuals around the world
who are striving to combat the effects of climate change. Brian Hill's
London-based Century Films and Katie Bailiff will produce.

Participant's chief executive officer Jim Berk said 100% of the film's
proceeds will be donated to the Alliance for Climate Protection.

'As a result of our relationship with Al Gore and the success of An
Inconvenient Truth in altering the public's perceptions and the
dialogue about global warming, we are excited about the Live Earth
events,' Participant president Ricky Strauss said.

'Jeff Skoll and Participant always believed in the message of An
Inconvenient Truth, long before it was fashionable to do so,' Gore
said. 'I'm thrilled to be working with them again.'

'We are not creating a concert film - we are making a record of what
people are doing around the world to take positive steps towards
ending global warming,' Hill added.

'People from all walks of life, cultures, religions, and from
disparate parts of the planet, have decided things have gone far
enough and are taking responsibility for the world they live in; that
is absolutely worth documenting and commemorating.'

Hill's documentary work includes Drinking For England, Make Me Normal,
and Songbirds.