Canadian entertainment outfit Peace Arch Entertainment Group andUS-based Showtime Networks have signed a co-financing and distribution dealthrough 2007 for up to 15 projects averaging $10m each.

Peace Arch will provide production support and assume allinternational rights including Canada, while Showtime will premiere titles onits Showtime Network.

Peach Arch's London-based subsidiary Peace Arch Films Limited willhandle international sales and domestic distribution deals will be announced ona case-by-case basis.

"This agreement provides great opportunities for Peace Arch - theproduction of high quality films, supply of ongoing product to ourinternational sales company and the chance to build a strong working relationshipwith a great company like Showtime," Peace Arch Entertainment Group presidentand chief executive officer Gary Howsam said in a statement.

Showtime executive vice president of programme acquisitions,planning and distribution Matthew Duda added the deal was "an important pieceof Showtime's strategy to find strategic partners to help co-finance highprofile movies."