Peace Arch Entertainment Group has acquired US and internationalrights to four new features and hired Mary Herne as executive vice president ofinternational television and home entertainment.

The projects include Melanie Orr's domestic violence drama Harm'sWay starring KathleenQuinlan, and psychological thriller The Stillborn, which stars Lukas Haas as a father wholost his first child and experiences nightmares that his second will share thesame fate.

The other two acquisitions are family drama Luna: The Way Home starring Adam Beach, Graham Greene,Tantoo Cardinal and Jason Priestley, and the documentary Willard, about the so-called Hermit of GullyLake Willard Kitchener who reportedly lived in a remote hut to avoidconscription during the second world war.

Peace Arch's feature roster includes: Tom DiCillo's paparazzidrama Delirious,which stars Steve Buscemi, Alison Lohman and Michael Pitt and just won the bestdirector and best screenplay awards at San Sebastian. A US deal is reported tobe close.

The line-up includes the John Lennon assassination drama Chapter27 starring Jared Letoand Lindsay Lohan; comedy Watching The Detectives starring Cillian Murphy and Lucy Liu;psychological drama Guantanamero with Rupert Evans and Derek Jacobi; and the war drama InTranzit starring JohnMalkovich and Vera Farmiga.

As the new executive vice president of internationaltelevision and home entertainment, Herne will be responsible for all sales andmarketing of the company's original and acquired content to internationaltelevision licensees and DVD distributors.

She will also contribute to Peace Arch's strategic planning and tothe acquisition of individual programming and potential franchise properties.

Suzanne Barron has joined as senior vice president ofinternational television and home entertainment. Both she and Herne will bebased in Los Angeles.

Herne previouslyserved as senior vice president of domestic and international television salesat Myriad Pictures. Barron arrives from Playboy Entertainment Group, where sheheld the position of vice president of international sales.