Following a whistle-stop Cannes trip by Battleship director Peter Berg to talk up Lone Survivor, Foresight Unlimited head Mark Damon and president/COO Tamara Birkemoe said they had sold out 80-90% of the world on the Navy SEALs story.

Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch and Ben Foster will star in Emmett/Furla’s true-life account of how only one US soldier made it out alive after an elite team was dispatched to kill a Taliban leader. Production is scheduled to begin on Sept 15.

Rights have gone to SND for France, Sun for Latin America, Mis.Label for Scandinavia, Italia for the Middle East, Greece, Turkey and India and E Stars for China.

“Peter’s vision and passion really sold this to buyers,” Damon said. “This is an elevated project that could become one of the great war stories.”

Foresight has also closed out most of the world on Emmett/Furla and Silver Pictures’ Motor City to star Gerard Butler, which Albert Hughes is ramping up for a Sept 30 start.

Butler will play a framed man who breaks out of prison and goes after his nemesis. Pinnacle will distribute in Australia, MGN in Russia, CCC in Japan and Sun in Latin America.