The Producers Guild ofAmerica (PGA) has formed a relationship with Intel Corporation to bring itsmembers up to speed with the modern age by developing business opportunities,film-making technologies and delivery systems.

The partners will create aseries of ongoing programmes and seminars to broaden the skills of its producermembers and marry the requirements of the technology and entertainmentindustries.

The relationship will behighlighted at the PGA Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday (17), where Intel issponsoring the Vanguard Award that will be presented to James Cameron inrecognition of outstanding achievement in new media and technology.

"This has all of thehallmarks of an incredibly productive relationship," PGA president KathleenKennedy said in a statement.

"Both Intel and the PGA areforward-looking organisations that will now be able to combine their expertisein the service of the entertainment industry and the American audience."

"Consumers want access topremium content anytime, anywhere and on any

device," Louis Burns, Intelvice president and general manager of the desktop platforms group, added.

"Intel is working closelywith the PGA and its constituents to understand Hollywood's requirements andprovide the technologies that will bring consumers exciting new entertainmentexperiences."