Picturehouse has acquired US rights from Wild Bunch to Luc Jacquet's March Of The Penguins follow-up The Fox & The Child.

The Bonne Pioche production was first announced at Sundance 2006 and is being produced by Jacquet's team of Yves Darondeau, Christophe Lioud and Emmanuel Priou.

The Fox & Child is based on Jacquet's childhood experiences and tells of a little girl who enters the forest by her home and sees an entirely new world through the eyes of a fox.

'We are tremendously pleased to be a part of The Fox & the Child,' Picturehouse president Bob Berney said. 'It's a universal story that will touch people of all ages. I know that Luc and his team will bring their incredible passion to this project and capture images we never thought possible.'

'This film is a fable that reflects the relationship man has with animals and nature,' Jacquet said. 'It is our hope to reveal the wonder of nature that surrounds us everyday. We are pleased to be in business with Picturehouse and look forward to the release of the film.'

Picturehouse's senior vice president of acquisitions Sara Rose and New Line's executive vice president of business affairs and co-productions Carolyn Blackwood negotiated the deal.