Universal's AmericanPie: The Wedding scored two stronginternational number one bows at the weekend and, with 38 markets to go, iscomfortably on course to pass $100m.

The comedy sequel raised itsrunning total to $71.1m following a $759,000 haul from 92 venues in TheNetherlands and $461,000 from 39 in Norway, which was Universal's secondbiggest debut of the year there.

The Netherlands grossaccounted for 35% market share and Universal said the opening was 15% biggerthan the previous instalment in 2001.

Decent holdovers have helpedthe film become the highest grosser of the franchise in Spain and the UK, whereit ranks 10th and fifth respectively.

It dropped 35% to $327,000from 218 for $7.8m in its fifth week in Spain and dropped 39% to $649,000 from320 for $26.2m in its sixth week in the UK.

Germany raised its tally by$668,000 from 566 to $16.9m, dropping 49% in its fifth week to rank thirdbehind Pirates Of The Caribbeanand opener Identity.

In Mexico, where the filmentered its third week, it grossed $462,000 from 262, dropping 21% for thirdplace and a $3.2m running total.

Australia raised itsseven-week total by $54,000 from 63, after withdrawing from 100 sites, anddropped 61% for 11th place and $8.2m.

American Pie: The Wedding has 38 markets still to open.

2 Fast 2 Furious opened number one in Argentina, grossing $136,000from 33 sites in what the distributor said was 32% bigger than the 2001original's bow.

Malaysia produced $164,000from 28 for Universal's third biggest opening of the year there. There isno comparison as The Fast And The Furious was banned from Malaysia.

Hong Kong opened on anexcellent $95,000 from 19 for an unspecified ranking, although it was 1% biggerthan the original.

The action sequel'sinternational running total now stands at $103.6m with three markets still togo.

The Hulk held strong in fifth place in its fourth week inItaly, adding $243,000 from 159 and dropping just 7% for $7.1m.

The comic bookadaptation's total is $106.5m and will round off its international stampedewith openings in China on Oct 10 and Croatia on Oct 16.