Universal'sAmerican Pie: The Wedding enjoyed a strong weekend at the box office, grossing $12.3m from1,672 sites in five countries through UIP to raise its international runningtotal to $29.2m.

In a mighty number one opening in Germany the gross-outcomedy sequel took $5.2m from 636 for 45% market share.

It wasUniversal's ninth biggest ever bow in the territory, some 6% bigger than AmericanPie but 38% behind AmericanPie 2, which recordedUniversal's third biggest bow ever when it opened in 2001.

American Pie:The Wedding opened topin Austria on $725,000 from 109, scoring the distributor's seventhbiggest bow of all time there.

This was 30%bigger than American Pie and 24% behind American Pie 2, the second biggest bow of all time inAustria.

In Spain the film opened second behind Buena VistaInternational's Pirates Of The Caribbean on $1.9m from 289 for Universal's 12th biggest bow ever. Ittrailed American Pie 2 by just7%.

The UK produceda strong second week holdover at number one, adding $3.5m from 420 sites anddropping 50% for $14.7m after 10 days.

The film openednumber one in Ireland last weekend, where it subsequently performed stronglyenough all week to usurp American Pie 2 as UIP's best ever opening week in the territory andthe industry's 11th best opening week.

In its thirdweek in Australia American Pie: The Wedding dropped 41% and one place to second,adding $958,000 from 212 locations for $6.7m after 18 days. It is expected topass American Pie'sfinal total of $6.9m this week.

2 Fast 2 Furious opened sixth in Tokyo and key cities inJapan on $1.2m from 150. The street racing sequel's international runningtotal is $92.2m and there are 12 territories to go, including Korea on Sept 5.

The Hulk opened in Turkey at the weekend,grossing a decent $156,000 from 92 sites. The international cumulative score isnow $96m with six territories to go, including Italy on Aug 29.