Polish director Maciej Pieprzyca [pictured] will start shooting his second feature, The Will To Live (Chce się żyć) from June 16 to July 31.

The Polish-language film is produced by Tramway Film Studio, co-produced by Silesia Film and is supported by the Polish Film Institute.

Pieprzyca wrote the script based on the true story of a man diagnosed as retarded from his youth and kept isolated; after 25 years it emerges that he was an intelligent man suffering from cerebral palsy.

Pieprzyca said: “The story of Mateusz is above all a pretext to ask existential questions about life, death, faith, love, normality and understanding. Lie does not bring unambiguous moments of sadness or joy, it is more a state in-between these feelings, between a funeral and a wedding. Life is both tragic and comical, thus the film’s convention is tragicomical.”

The cast is led by Dawid Ogrodnik (You Are God) and also features Kamil Tkacz, Dorota Kolak, Arkadiusz Jakubik, Katarzyna Zawadzka, and Anna Nehrebecka.

Pieprzyca’s first feature was 2008’s Drzazgi.