As expected Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End ruled the waves in its second weekend as an estimated $105.4m propelled the international running total past $400m in record time.

The weekend haul from 17,500 theatres in 103 countries boosted the tally to $408.8m, making this latest high seas episodic the fifth Buena Vista International (BVI) release to cross $400m and the 24th industry title to do so.

Combined with the muted $43.2m domestic weekend performance, At World's End took $148.6m worldwide and ranks as the 31st biggest release in history on $625.3m. Approximately $260m of the international gross comes from Europe, while Asia accounts for $89m, Latin America for $40m, and Australasia for $20m.

Overall the film dropped 46%. Ranking number one virtually everywhere, it grossed $11.5m from 552 screens in the UK for $59m, $11.5m in Japan from 875 for $35.5m, $9.3m in Germany from 1,585 for $37.3m, $8.1m from 783 in France for $30.7m, and $5.9m from 863 in Italy for $18.3m.

Elsewhere At World's End added $5.9m from 828 in Spain for $20.9m, $5.9m from 700 in Russia for $24.6m, $5.1m from 285 in Australia for $17.4m, $4.5m from 1,096 in Mexico for $17m, $3.2m from 840 in South Korea for $28.5m, and $2.8m from 760 in Brazil for $9.1m. The film produced the third biggest industry opening in India on $1.4m from 314 screens, which was more than the first two took there in their combined opening weekends.

Spider-Man 3 is now the 12th biggest international release on the books after adding $11.8m from 11,500 screens in 77 markets for $525.7m through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI). The film is breathing down the neck of SPRI stablemate The Da Vinci Code, which launched in summer 2006 and ranks 11th on $539.7m.

In its fifth weekend the web-slinger added $1.1m from 769 screens in the UK to rank third on $64.9m, $1.5m from 777 in Japan for third place on $51.7m, $1.1m from 866 in France for second on $51.8m, and $810,000 from 918 in Italy for third on $25.7m.

SPRI's comic book spectacular ranks second in Mexico on $34.2m, second in Spain on $24.3m, second in Australia on $18.7m, second in Brazil on $22.6m, third in Germany on $28.5m, and fourth in South Korea on $33.7m.

Zodiac, released internationally through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI), added $5.8m from 1,900 prints in 38 markets to raise the tally to $2.4m.

The fact-based drama about the hunt for a serial killer opened in second place in Germany on $740,000 from 150 prints, and launched in Mexico and Brazil on $332,000 from 150 screens and $290,000 from 60 prints respectively.

After three weekends, France has produced $7.1m, the UK stands at $5.3m, Spain has delivered $3.3m, Italy stands at $2.9m, and Australia has produced $2.5m.

WBPI's adventure romp 300, which set the pace earlier this year with its unexpected monster run, has amassed $232.2m and launches in its final major market of Japan next week [June 9].

Paramount Pictures International's (PPI) Shrek the Third took $4m from 754 screens in nine territories for $27.6m. Weekend business was punctuated by four openings including the biggest animated launch in history in Singapore on $1.2m from 62 sites.

Elsewhere, the ogre set a new mark for the opening of an animated film in Malaysia with on $575,000 from 49, and launched in Thailand on $354,000 from 67. Shrek The Third has become the biggest animated release in the Philippines after reaching $2.1m in only three weekends. Russia has amassed $21.2m according to preliminary weekend reports.

PPI's thriller Shooter added $1.4m from 789 screens in 61 territories; it now stands at $44.3m. It opened in Japan on $959,000 from 213 sites.

Universal Pictures International's (UPI) Mr Bean's Holiday raised its tally by $1.5m from 1,650 venues in 40 territories to $181.2m. The comedy opened in Taiwan on $200,000 from 50 venues, which is 115% bigger than the original's debut. China, Japan and South Korea are yet to open.

The Hitcher, which UPI is distributing in the UK and Spain, opened in the UK in seventh place on $430,000 from 256 sites. It is set to open in Spain on Aug. 3.

Hot Fuzz remains active in eight territories and stands at $50.1m. The next openings are the Czech Republic and Slovakia on Jun 7 and Germany and Switzerland on Jun 14.

Fox International's horror sequel 28 Weeks Later grossed $2.3m from 1,400 screens in 20 markets for an early $16.7m running total. It opened in Russia on $740,000 from 148 screens and launched in Mexico on $478,000 from 312.