Buena Vista International(BVI) reported its second consecutive one-two punch overseas as Pirates Of TheCaribbean: Dead Man's Chest crossed$600m and usurped Cars to returnto the top.

DeadMan's Chest used a late Italiandebut to boost its already formidable box office, and set a new five-dayindustry opening record in the territory of $12.8m.

The result was more thandouble what the original opened on several years ago, and took the lion's shareof a $16.5m weekend on 5,199 screens in 42 territories that raised the tally to$612.5m.

The picture has reached therarified heights of the $600m club. Only six international pictures have done this,and Dead Man's Chest ranks fifthin the all-time pantheon ahead of Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire on $602.2m.

The adventure romp will passHarry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets' $614.7m total in a matter of days to become the fourth biggestinternational release in history. Only Titanic, The Lord Of The Rings: TheReturn Of The King, and HarryPotter And The Sorcerer's Stone havesold more tickets. Globally Dead Man's Chest stands at $1.03bn.

Cars had to settle for second place after last weekend'stable-topping performance, as it added $6.6m on 3,713 screens in 28 countriesfor $191.6m. The Pixar hit should cross $200m next weekend and stands at $434mworldwide.

Germany added $2.2m for$6.3m in its second weekend, and Cars set new Pixar opening records with a pair of number one debuts in Greeceand Turkey that produced $510,00 from 85 and $450,000 from 90 respectively.

Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational (SPRI) scored a number one UK debut with its comedy TalladegaNights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby.

The picture opened on $1.8mon 450 screens and overall took $2m from 502 in 10 markets for an early $2.7mrunning total.

Another SPRI comedy, LittleMan, took $5.4m on 1,565 screens in23 markets for $21.9m. The result was powered by two second place debuts inSpain and Mexico on $2m from 250 and $1m from 335 respectively. The UK standsat $5.8m after three.

Monster House grossed $3.1m from 2,750 screens in 48 markets for $47.9mand opened top in Australia on $905,000 from 250.

TheAdam Sandler comedy Click added$1.9m from 1,050 screens in 36 for $43.5m. Click has been a big hit in Brazil, where it remained the numberone picture for the sixth consecutive weekend and added $444,000 from 181 for $6.4m.It ranks sixth in Mexico on $7m after five.

Universal'sThe Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift opened in its final market of Japan on $2.2m from 229 locations.Overall, the action adventure added $2.5m from 765 sites in 29 territories for$88.5m.

The Break-Up added $2.1m from 1,082 sites in 40 territoriesthrough UIP to raise the tally to $74.8m, while You, Me And Dupree raised its total by $2.4m from 1,130 sites in 21 to$30m.

It opened in six territoriesincluding Brazil, where it launched in third place on $340,000 from 84.

The action thriller MiamiVice stands at $80.4m following a$3.8m haul from 2,530 sites in 40 territories. There were no major releasesthis weekend, and latest figures put the UK on $13.8m, France on $11.2m, Australiaon $5.1m, and Mexico on $3m.

United 93 added $1.6m for $39.4m, while DOA: Dead Or Alive opened in eighth place in the UK on $450,000. It hasgrossed $1.4m from the early stages of its international run.

The action thriller Crank, which Universal has in the UK, stands at $2.6mafter three weekends. Universal has the martial arts picture Fearless in five territories and has grossed $5.1m to date.

Fox International hadseveral pictures in play, the most productive of which was My SuperEx-Girlfriend. The comedy opened in Franceon $1.3m on 382 screens, and overall raised the international tally by $2.7m on1,400 screens for $22.8m.

X-Men: The Last Stand is still young in Japan and China, where it added$1.9m on 560 for $6.2m in the former and $189,000 following a large reductionin screen counts in China for $1.8m. Overall it grossed $2.1m for $215.4m on750 international screens.

Garfield: A Tale of TwoKitties added $1.6m on 3,200 screensfor $97.8m and opened top in New Zealand on $167,000 from 78.

Little Miss Sunshine added $1.6m for $3.9m, powered by a $757,000 Frenchhaul that ranked second in Paris and the suburbs.

The Devil Wears Prada added $716,000 from 139 for an early $3m internationalcumulative total, while The Sentinel stands at $31.5m, and John Tucker Must Die has reached $10.2m.

Paramount's World TradeCenter started its internationalroll-out through UIP with a number one Mexican debut on $1.3m from 241.

Nacho Libre added $1.3m from 554 in 19 territories for $14.6m,and the eco-doc An Inconvenient Truth took $850,000 from 146 in 11 for an early $925,000 international runningtotal.

It grossed $453,000 from 59in Australia and ranked fifth; $120,000 from 18 sites in major UK cities; and$105,000 from nine New Zealand screens.

Superman Returns added $1.3m through Warner Bros PicturesInternational on 1,600 prints to raise the tally to $188.1m.

The picture has taken $29.5min the UK, $15.2m in Mexico, $11.8m in South Korea and the same amount inFrance, and $11.7m in Spain.

The Lake House grossed $693,000 on 900 for $50.5m, while M NightShyamalan's Lady In The Water isbarely keeping its head above the surface after adding $1.9m from 1,400 for$21.6m.