Buena Vista International(BVI)'s Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest remained the top international picture for the sixthconsecutive weekend after posting a record breaking Spanish debut.

The adventure romp grossedan estimated $44m from all its territories to raise the cumulative total to$463m. The result was powered by an industry high Spanish launch on $11.5m from980 screens that claimed 75% market share.

Combined with the $392domestic tally Pirates reached$855m at the worldwide box office and leaped nine places to number 12 on theall-time pantheon.

It stands one place above StarWars Episode III on $850m and shouldovertake Finding Nemo on $866m bynext weekend to become Disney's biggest global release.

Pirates stayed top in its second weekend in France on $8.5mfor $30m, and did the same in Germany on $5.6m for $45.7m after three. It alsoreclaimed top spot in the UK in its sixth weekend on $2.3m for an excellent$85m.

Cars raised its tally by $4.5m for $136m, powered by a$2.2m third weekend hold in the UK that ranked second and raised the tallythere to $18m.

Fox International's familysequel Garfield: A Tale Of Two Kitties grossed $8m on 3,002 screens in 12 territories for $44.5m.

The picture opened inGermany on $3.1m on 611 and opened in China on $1.8m on 1,000 screens.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend added $1.1m for an early $6.2m tally, fuelled by aMexican debut that took more at least $712,000 according to incompletepreliminary reports.

Universal's Miami Vice took $7.5m through UIP from 1,700 sites in 20territories to raise the international tally to $20m. There are 35 territoriesstill to open including France and Korea this week.

The thriller opened top inAustralia on $2m from 232 venues, and top in New Zealand on $400,000. It added$2.2m from 410 in the UK for $8.8m after two weekends and ranks third.

Mexico added $540,000 from320 sites in its second weekend for $2.2m and ranks fifth.

The Break-Up added $5.7m from 1,200 sites in 33 territories for$54.3m, led by a $2.5m second place German launch in 347 venues.

Austria produced $400,000from 70 sites, and the UK generated $1.1m from 364 for $8.6m after fourweekends.

The Fast And The Furious:Tokyo Drift added $3.2m from 1,500venues in 40 territories to raise the tally to $76m. Brazil was the highlighton $785,000 from 174, which was 22% bigger than 2 Fast 2 Furious and 118% ahead of The Fast And The Furious.

You, Me And Dupree took $1.2m from 320 sites in four territories for anearly total of $5.8m. The comedy took $200,000 from 39 in its opening weekendin the Netherlands, and held second place in Australia on $850,000 from 214 for$5.1m.

United 93 opened in Japan on a strong $1m and added $1.2moverall from 325 in 10 territories for a $17.6m international running total includingFrance. The UIP total is $14.5m.

Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational's (SPRI) animated release Monster House grossed $6m from 1,330 screens in 11 territories for $10.4m.

The result was powered by a$2.5m number two launch in South Korea on 200 prints. It opened in fourth placein the UK on $1.9m, and opened top in Venezuela on $160,000.

The comedy Click took $2.8m from 790 screens in 17 territories and producedrecord openings for Adam Sandler in Brazil, the Philippines, Malaysia andChile.

It opened top in Brazil andthe Philippines on $1m and $330,000 respectively, and opened in second place inMalaysia and Chile on $260,000 and $75,000 respectively. The internationalrunning total is $20m.

Superman Returns added $4m from approximately 3,000 prints in 55 marketsthrough Warner Bros Pictures International for $155m.

It opened top in Portugal on$257,600 from 75 prints, and stayed top in its second weekend in Denmark afterraising the tally there by $348,200 from 70 prints to $1.4m.

Latest running totals in keymarkets put Superman Returns on$27.4m in the UK, $14.9m in Mexico, $11.3m in Spain, $11m in France, and $8.5m inBrazil.

The Lake House added $2.7m from 1,800 prints in 33 markets for$35.2m. After three weekends, Australia and France stand at $3.1m and $1.9m respectively

M Night Shyamalan's LadyIn The Water struggled in its sevenmarkets, adding $1.1m from 397 prints for a disappointing $2.7m early internationalrunning total.

The mystery opened in the UKon $877,000 from 289 venues and launches this week in Mexico. Poseidon added $690,000 for $119.4m.

Paramount's Nacho Libre took $3m through UIP from 693 screens in eight territoriesfor an early $3.7m tally. The comedy opened in the UK on $1.8m from 362 sitesand opened top in Mexico on more than $1m from 292.

Over The Hedge grossed $4.5m from 2,828 sites in 49 territories for $143.6m.Mission: Impossible III raisedits total by $1.7m from 797 to $256.2m, holding well in Japan as the countrywent into the Obon holiday on $1.1m from 323 for $39.3m.