Buena Vista International(BVI) films amassed more than $60m over the weekend in which Pirates Of TheCaribbean: Dead Man's Chestdominated the world stage.

The adventure sequel'soverseas performance complemented the record breaking North American debut bygrossing an estimated $46.6m, an astonishing tally that produced runaway numberone debuts in all seven of its markets.

Pirates took $25m in the UK on 514 screens, some 258% betterthan the 2003 original; $9m in South Korea on 350 for the biggest Hollywoodlaunch in industry history fared 248% better than the original; and $8.1m inAustralia on 281 that was 111% bigger than Curse of The Black Pearl.

Elsewhere it grossed $1.9mfrom 18 in Taiwan, $1.4m in Thailand, and $1.2m on 72 in New Zealand. Resultsfor Uruguay were unconfirmed at time of writing.

By way of comparison whenthe original opened in these seven markets it grossed $12.3m. The picture opensnext weekend in 18 territories including Russia, Scandinavia, and Singapore.

Meanwhile BVI's Cars added $14.6m for $65.1m. Highlights were a number one$3.7m debut in Spain on 350 screens and $531,000 on 105 in Belgium. Argentinastayed top in its second consecutive weekend on $500,000 for $1.5m, whileMexico and Brazil stand at $8.7m and $3.7m respectively.

Paramount's Over TheHedge mustered $20m from 4,376 sitesin 36 territories to raise the international tally to $63m. The total includesSouth Korea, which is not handled by UIP.

The animated feature openedwell in 14 territories. The highlights were number one debuts in Germany on$4.1m from 800 sites, France on $2.7m from 713 - a subdued result due to thenational team's role in Sunday's World Cup final against Italy - and Mexico on$3m from 403.

Brazil generated $850,000from 269, Austria opened top on $549,000 from 107, Chile produced $328,000 from31, and the Netherlands produced $455,000 from 109.

Paramount's Mission:Impossible III produced a superb$12.5m number one opening on 800 screens in Japan through UIP that raised theinternational tally to $219.5m.

The result included previewsand follows an extensive publicity tour in the country by Tom Cruise anddirector JJ Abrams, punctuated by the Tokyo premiere and a fan screening inOsaka.

Superman Returns generated $9.1m and 2.5m admissions from more than1,800 prints through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) to raise theearly tally to $35.4m.

The superhero yarn openedtop in South Africa and scored the fifth biggest opening for a Warner Brospicture on $553,000 including previews from 95 prints.

In second weekend holds,South Korea produced $2.2m from 271 to rank second on $8.8m; Australia added$1.5m from 409 to rank second on $6.7m; and the Philippines stayed top on $1.1mfrom 81 for $4.1m in what was the biggest industry second weekend in history.

Poseidon crossed $100m as it added $3.2m from approximately3,000 prints for a $102m international running total.

Universal's The Fast AndThe Furious: Tokyo Drift took $4mfrom 1,650 locations in 23 territories through UIP to raise the internationalrunning total to $32.5m.

The action sequel added$600,000 from 340 UK sites to rank fourth after four weeks and stands at $9.7m,passing the final gross of The Fast And The Furious on Saturday [July 8]. The picture has overtaken theoriginal's tally in Australia, where it added $240,000 from 170 and ranks sixthafter four.

In its second week TokyoDrift added $830,000 from 294 for$3.3m in Mexico and ranks fourth in Mexico, and is expected to pass the $3.4mfinal gross of The Fast And The Furious on Monday [July 10]. There are 31 territories still to go includingGermany and Italy next weekend.

The Break-Up added $2.2m from 1,300 sites in 17 territories for$21.8m. Portugal produced a $280,000 number one opening in 46 sites, whileBrazil generated a fourth-place hold in the second weekend on $520,000 from 139for $1.7m.

The comedy took a big hit inits third week in France because of the World Cup final as it added $240,000from 250 for $2.9m to rank 11th. Mexico generated a fourth-place hold on$275,000 from 143 for $3.9m after three. There are 37 territories still to openincluding the UK on Jul 21.

United 93 grossed $1.2m from 525 sites in eight territoriesfor a $9.3m international tally. It opened in second place on $700,000 from 199sites in Italy, where cinema-going ranked a distant second to watching theAzzurri in the World Cup final. Belgium generated $250,000 from 32 sites in theother debut.

Fox International opened TheDevil Wears Prada in its firstmarket of Puerto Rico at the weekend. The comedy ranked second on $181,000 from22 screens.

Garfield: A Tale of TwoKitties raised its internationaltally by $1.2m to $6.3m, powered by a $550,000 number one debut in Hong Kong on37 screens. The family sequel opened in second place in Argentina on $166,000on 72.

X-Men: The Last Stand grossed $1m over the weekend and stands at $205.5m.

Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational's (SPRI) The Da Vinci Code took $3.6m from 3,000 screens in 65 markets to raise the running totalto $514.7m. After seven weeks the adventure stands at $74.2m in Japan, $54.7min the UK, $45.7m in Germany, and $32.4m in Spain.

The Adam Sandler comedy Click added $1.1m on 307 screens in three markets for$9.4m. Australia has amassed $8.2m and New Zealand stands at $985,000, bothafter three weekends.

SPRI's horror title SilentHill opened in its first market ofMexico and took $865,000 on 300 screens.