Buena VistaInternational (BVI) has a big weekend lined up with six scheduled internationallaunches for Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

The adventuresequel sets sail in three major markets - Australia on Jul 6, the UK on Jul 7,and South Korea on Jul 8 - as well as New Zealand and Thailand on Jul 6, andTaiwan on Jul 8.

The day-and-datelaunch with North America will doubtless generate a string of mighty results,even in the UK where interest in football is high and many wistful fans willtune in to watch Sunday's World Cup final featuring Italy and France.

The continuingescapades of Jack Sparrow and friends should outdo the original, which openedin most international markets during the period of July to August 2003 andfinished on $348.5m internationally and $653.9m worldwide.

Byway of comparison, the first episode generated $6m in its first weekend in theUK and $4.6m in Australia. Both debuts were number one.

UIP's animatedfeature Over The Hedgegets a wide platform this weekend with launches in France and French-speakingSwitzerland on Jul 5, followed a day later in Germany and German-speakingSwitzerland, and Brazil and Mexico on Jul 7.

World Cup feverwill dent box office results in France and Germany, and possibly the LatinAmerican markets. The picture stands at $38.6m including South Korea, where itis not handed by UIP.

Universal's 9/11docu-drama United 93takes off in Italy on Jul 6 but its international total of $7.9m might not geta huge Italian boost because of the national team's date with destiny inSunday's World Cup final.

UIP releasesParamount's Mission: Impossible III in its final major market of Japan on Jul 8, when Cruise'slocal popularity should ensure a strong debut. The action picture stands at$206.6m.

Warner BrosPictures International (WBPI) executives will look to solid holds for SupermanReturns following lastweekend's excellent launch. The Man of Steel has amassed an early $24.4minternational running total.

The maritimeadventure Poseidon,which currently stands at $97.5m, should cross $100m and currently stands at$97.5m. There are no major debuts for either title this weekend.

FoxInternational opens horror remake The Hills Have Eyes in Russia on Jul 6 on 123 prints and topbrass will be looking to build on the $20m overseas tally.

Teen romance JustMy Luck will need plentyof fortune to steal the World Cup's thunder when it kicks off in Italy on Jul 7on 41 screens. The Lindsay Lohan release stands at $9.5m.

Similarly Tristan& Isolde may findtheir romantic entanglements cannot compete with the passion inspired byfootball fever when the picture opens in France on Jul 5 on an admittedly smallplatform of 10 prints. It has taken $8.7m through all distributors to date.

FoxInternational has Roberto Benigni's romance The Tiger And The Snow in a handful of markets and opens itSpain on Jul 7 on 160 prints.

Already in themarket for Fox, The Omen stands at $61.5m and X-Men: The Last Stand has amassed $204.1m.

Sony PicturesReleasing International (SPRI) opens The Benchwarmers in Italy on Jul 7 and executives willsurely not expect much action that front. The picture has grossed $4m to date.

In SPRI's onlyother significant release, Silent Hill will unleash its horrors on Mexico on Jul 7. Latest talliesput The Da Vinci Codeon $507.7m, Click on$7.2m, RV on $8.6m,and Ultraviolet on$8.8m.