Buena Vista International's(BVI) Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest took more in its fifth weekend than any other as theadventure romp stormed towards $400m.

Fired up by a huge French debut, the picture added an estimated $57m from 8,500screens in 47 countries for a $392m international tally and now ranks as the22nd biggest overseas release.

Combined with the $379.7m domestic total Pirates has amassed $772.7m to become the 20th biggestworldwide release and is now Disney's biggest live-action picture.

France generated an all-time top three industrydebut of $18m from 700 screens, while Hong Kong produced $1.6m from 35, andSouth Africa produced $670,000 from 85.

Pirates added $10.8m in itssecond weekend in Germany for $36m, $4.6m in its third in Japan for $44.5m, and$3.4m in its fifth in the UK for a staggering $81m running total.

Elsewhere, Australia has reached $25m after five, Mexico and Brazil stand at$15.6m and $8.5m after three, and Austria has generated $5m after two.

Meanwhile Cars raised its tallyby $6.7m to $128m, fuelled by a $3.5m second weekend in the UK that rankedsecond behind Universal's Miami Vice and raised the tally there to $14m.

Superman Returns grossed anestimated $7.1m through Warner Bros Pictures International from morethan 5,100 prints in 55 markets for a respectable $146m.

The superhero saga opened in Denmark on an excellent $650,000 from 68 printsfor Warner Bros' best debut of the year. It added $1.2m from 384 sites in itsfourth weekend in the UK for $25m, and $750,000 in France from 654 prints for$10.4m after the same amount of time.

After four weekends Superman Returns has amassed $14.2m in Mexico, $10.8m in Spain, and $8.1m in Brazil.

Poseidon added $1.5m for $117.6mafter raising the tally in Spain by $1.2m from 414 prints for $5.9m after twoweekends. It ranked second behind the local opener Bandidas.

The Lake House added $2.8m fromapproximately 1,600 prints in 31 markets for $29.5m.

Powered by a number one UK debut, Universal's Miami Vice grossed $7m through UIP from 1,275 venues in 11territories for an early international running total of $8.6m.

The thriller launched in 406 UK sites and claimed 20% market share, openingmarginally ahead of BVI's Cars andPirates Of The Caribbean 2.

It opened in Mexico on $950,000 in 336 sites and ranked third behind theopening of Monster House and Pirates in its third weekend. Russia generated a $750,000debut in 230 sites. There are still 44 territories to open including Australiaon Aug 10.

Comedy You, Me And Dupree took$1.6m from 257 in Australia and New Zealand to raise the international tally to$4.3m.

The Break-Up added $3.3m from1,160 sites in 33 territories for $45m and there are 27 territories still toopen including Germany on Aug 10. Argentina produced a strong $265,000 debut in40 sites. The UK stands at $7.6m after three weekends.

The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift added $4m from 2,100 sites in 38 territories for $70.7m, and opened topin Singapore on $420,000 from 27. United 93 raised its total by $650,000 to$15.8m.

Fox International's Garfield: A Tale Of Two Kitties added $6m from 2,700 screens for a $33.7m runningtotal. The family sequel opened in Sweden on $386,000 from 120.

The Sentinel took $1.7m from 465for $11.3m, opening in the top five in Australia and Brazil on $670,000 from195 and $375,000 from 107 respectively.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend opened infifth place in the UK on $1.4m from 296 and added $1.6m overall for an early$3.5m international cumulative total. Confetti opened in Australia on $152,000from 77 and stands at $4.1m.

DreamWorks' animated feature Over The Hedge took $5.9m from 3,694 venues in 49 territories for a$132.7m international running total.

UIP reported good holdovers across the board, adding that the picture performedespecially well in Germany, where $1.7m from 630 sites elevated the total to$17.2m.

Over The Hedge opened in Japanthrough Asmik Ace on $884,000 from 234 locations. The $132.7m running totalincludes South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan, where UIP is not handling thereleases.

Paramount's Mission: Impossible IIIadded $2m from 770 sites for $252.3m. China added $805,000 from 394 screens foran $8.1m running total, and Japan grossed $1.2m from 325 screens for $36.8m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) Clickadded $3m from 550 screens in 10markets for $15.6m, powered by a $13m Russian debut on 227 screens thatproduced Adam Sandler's biggest opening in the territory.

The comedy opened top in Taiwan on $955,000 on 76 in another new mark for aSandler release. Singapore and Israel both produced number one debuts on$365,000 from 29 and $110,000 respectively.

Monster House opened top inMexico in its first major market launch as it took $1.8m from 479 screens. Theanimated feature grossed $2.2m overall from 572 in six markets for $2.8m.