Pirates Of The Caribbean:Dead Man's Chest continued to rulethe waves as Buena Vista International's (BVI) adventure yarn cruised past$100m in its second weekend.

The seventh title to cross $100m this year added an estimated $58m thanks to 18number one debuts that garnered $29.5m alone. Strong holds saw the pictureremain undefeated in the UK and Australia, among others.

Opening in Russia, the picture plundered the biggest industry debut in historyon $10.4m from 530 screens. Sweden generated a top three all-time launch on$3.4m from 125, as did Denmark on $2.6m from 80.

Pirates 2 took $2.3m from 114 inHolland, $2m from 100 in Norway, $1.5m from 150 in Turkey, $1.8m from 65 inSingapore, $1.4m from 49 in Finland, and $1.1m from 70 in Malaysia. $1m from125 in the Ukraine was enough to set a new industry mark there.

In its second weekend the picture added $12m from 514 in the UK for $50m, $5.5mfor $17.2m in Australia, and $4.4m for just shy of $16m in South Korea.

Meanwhile Cars mustered another$10m and now stands at $82m with plenty left in the tank. Spain produced $2.2mfor $6.9m after two weekends, and third weekend holds saw an additional $1.4mfor $9.2m in Japan and $902,000 for $5.2m in Brazil, while Mexico stands at$11m. South Africa generated the biggest Pixar opening in history on $475,000from 80.

Superman Returns added $38m from6,000 prints in 36 markets for $77m through Warner Bros Pictures International(WBPI).

The Man of Steel produced the fourth biggest single weekend for any Warner Brostitle in Latin America behind The Matrix Reloaded, Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, and Matrix Revolutions.

Mexico led the charge with a $5.2m number one debut from 758 prints thatclaimed 59% market share and drew 1.36million admissions. This was the 12thbiggest industry opening and Warner Bros' third biggest behind Goblet OfFire and Harry Potter And ThePrisoner Of Azkaban.

Brazil produced $2.8m in the number one spot with approximately 700,000admissions from 460 prints. Opening day was the company's fourth biggest inhistory behind Goblet Of Fire, TheMatrix Reloaded, and Prisoner OfAzkaban. Argentina produced a secondplace $560,000 debut, while Colombia generated $809,600 from 96, and Chileproduced $397,600 from 68 for a strong number one.

Results were strong in other places too: the picture opened among the top fewtitles in the UK on $4.3m from 479 sites; number one in Spain on $3.7m forthree days and $5.1m since the Wednesday opening; number one in France on $4.1mfrom 845 prints; and number one in Hong Kong on $1.4m from 62 that incorporatedthe fourth biggest opening day for a Warner Bros title behind Prisoner OfAzkaban, Goblet Of Fire, and The Matrix Reloaded.

In smaller markets, Superman Returns flew to the top with $373,500 in Belgium, $148,900 in Switzerland, andthe biggest opening of the year to date in Iceland on $140,800 from sixincluding previews.

After two weekends the South African tally stands at $1m, and after three thefigure has reached $9.9m in South Korea and $8.4m in Australia. Poseidon raised its international cumulative total by $3m to$107.2m.

DreamWorks Animation's Over The Hedge took $14.1m from 4,457 sites in 44 territories, bringing the tally to$82.2m including South Korea, which is not being handled by UIP. The featureopened in second place in Argentina on $442,000 from 98 sites.

Universal's The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift took $7.3m through UIP from 1,400 locations in 28territories for a $42m tally with 26 territories still to open.

The action sequel opened number one in Germany and Italy on $3.6m from 409sites and $930,000 from 161 respectively. After five weeks it ranks sixth inthe UK on $10.3m, and 11th in Australia on $5.7m, and sixth inMexico on $4.4m.

Paramount's Mission: Impossible 3added $3.9m in its second weekend in Japan for a $228.9m international runningtotal. China is set to welcome the picture later in the month.

Universal's comedy The Break-Upadded $1.4m from 1,000 sites in 18 territories for a promising $24.5m early tally.There are 36 territories to open including the UK this weekend.

United 93 grossed $1.5m from 638in 11 territories for $10.7m through all distributors including France, whereMars opened the picture this weekend in third place on $800,000 from 225.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's The Da Vinci Code added $2.6m from 2,270 prints in 58 countries toraise the running total to $520.8m after nine weeks.

The Wayans Brothers comedy Little Man opened in Australia day-and-date with North America. It opened insecond place on $1.2m on 165 prints, approximately 17% better than WhiteChicks.

Fox International opened comedy The Family Stone in Japan and Garfield: A Tale Of Two Kitties in Italy, however results were not available andwill be reported this week.