Pirates Of The Caribbean:Dead Man's Chest launches in fourterritories this weekend, headed by France on Aug 2.

Buena Vista International (BVI) top brass were expecting strong results giventhat The Curse Of The Black Pearltook $7.1m from 646 screens in its first week there in August 2003. The film is off to a very strong start in France, where it had 693,023 on Wednesday's opening day, a new record.

The picture also sets sail in Hong Kong on Aug 3, and South Africa and Colombiaa day later. The international tally stands at $330m.

Pixar's animated feature Cars hasno major openings but should continue to hold well and currently stands at$116m. The next big launch is Italy on Aug 23.

Universal's police thriller Miami Vice has nine debuts through UIP this weekend. It opens in Russia on Aug 3on 230 prints, followed a day later by the UK and Mexico on 500 and 362 respectively.The early international tally is $1.4m.

The Break-Up stands at $40.3m, TheFast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift ison $66m, and United 93 hasreached $15m.

DreamWorks' animated feature Over The Hedge stands at $121.1m including South Korea and Hong Kongwhere it is not being handled by UIP.

Fox International opens comedy My Super Ex-Girlfriend, currently on $18.5m in the UK on Aug 4.

The acquisition Bandidas starringSelma Hayek and Penelope Cruz, which Fox International has for most of LatinAmerica, opens in Spain on Aug 4.

Thriller The Sentinel goes out inAustralia on Aug 3 and Brazil a day later, while the comedy Confetti launchesin Australia on Aug 3.

Latest figures put Garfield: A tale Of Two Kitties on $53.2m, The Hills Have Eyes on $65.2m, and X-Men: The last Stand, which opens in Japan and China in September, on$207.1m.

Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) has no major openings planned. Latestfigures put Superman Returns on$131.6m, Poseidon on $114.5m, andThe Lake House $24.7m includingRoadshow territories.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) comedy Click stands at $12.3m and opens in Russia and Singaporeon Aug 3, and Taiwan on Aug 4.

Monster House is in the earlystages of release and opens in Mexico on Aug 4.

The Da Vinci Code stands at$527.9m, RV is on $12.8m, Silent Hill is on $39.5m, and Little Man has taken $3.3m.