Buena Vista International(BVI)'s Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest will still be the one to beat as it bears down on$1bn in global ticket sales and attempts a ninth consecutive weekend as theinternational box office champion.

The adventure sequel thusfar stands at $976m of which $566.8m was taken at the international box office.

There are no openingsplanned for the weekend, but strong holds are expected in all territories andexecutives have revised their earlier forecast and expect it to cross $1bn bythe end of next week.

Meanwhile Cars, which has reached $163.7m, takes off in Sweden andDenmark on Sept 1.

Universal's United 93 has many debuts scheduled in mostly smallerterritories as well as in Brazil through UIP on Sept 1 on 30 prints. The 9/11docudrama has amassed $28m to date including France, where it is releasedthrough Mars.

Miami Vice is gathering steam and executives are looking to astrong Japanese debut on Sept 2 on 350 prints to raise the crime thriller's$53.4m international tally.

Comedy You, Me And Dupree, currently on $14.5m, goes out in Mexico on Sept 1on 275 prints. Latest figures put comedy The Break-Up on $67.5m, and The Fast And The Furious: TokyoDrift on an impressive $83.7m withJapan still to open.

Universal holds rights tothe action thriller Crank in theUK and will release it there on Sept 1 on 300 prints, day-and-date with Lionsgatein North America. The distributor only has rights for the UK.

Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational (SPRI) opens the comedy Little Man in the UK on Sept 1 on 300 screens and Germany onAug 30 on 120. The picture currently stands at $8.7m.

Elsewhere, the animatedfamily feature Monster House goesout in Spain on Sept 1 on 350 and Brazil the same day on 170; it has amassed$31.9m to date. The comedy Click hasno major releases planned and stands at $32.3m.

Warner Bros PicturesInternational's (WBPI) romance The Lake House opens on Aug 31 in South Korea, whence the original film on which it was based Il Mare originates. It has amassed$44m including Roadshow territories.

Latest figures put SupermanReturns on $173m, The Any Bully on$11m, Lady In The Water on $10m,and Poseidon $121m.

Fox International opens comedy My Super Ex-Girlfriend in Brazil on Sept 1 and the picture has taken $14.4m to date. Thriller The Sentinel goes out in the UK on Sept 1 and opened in France on Aug 30, while comedy Little Miss Sunshine gets its first overseas release in Switzerland on Aug 31.

Executives are expecting big things from the Spanish debut of Alatriste, the Spanish-language adventure starring Viggo Mortensen as a 17th century mercenary. Fox International only holds Spanish rights and opens the picture on Sept 1.