Scott Mitchell Rosenberg's Los Angeles-based PlatinumStudios has acquired a 20% stake in French comic book syndicate Hexagon Comicsand picked up exclusive rights to develop worldwide film and televisionproperties from Hexagon's library.

Platinum Studiosis seeking production partners and plans a roster of live-action and animatedprojects, both as bigger budget US features and European productions in French,Spanish and Italian.

Hexagon, whichoriginated in 1950 as Editions Lug, has a library of approximately 200 charactersincluding Fury, The Silver Shadow, Flambo, and The Bronze Gladiator.

"This month wasthe first time these rights have ever been available for acquisition, and I'vebeen following this library of characters for years because of its incrediblyrich content," Platinum Studios chairman Rosenberg said in a statement.

"We are veryexcited about the potential of these characters, and are pleased to provide theoriginal creators with their first opportunity to receive both credits androyalties for their creations."

"Our partnershipwith Platinum Studios provides a tremendous opportunity for us and ourcreators," Jean-Marc Lofficier, Hexagon Comics' managing editor, added. "Thisis our second rebirth. Platinum's rich and successful history of turninginternational properties into popular film and television programs will helpbrand our characters all over the world."

Platinum Studioscontrols what it claims to be the world's largest independent library of comicbook characters and develops projects for film, television and video games. Itis currently working on a feature prequel to its television adaptation of theBelgian graphic novel series Jeremiah.

Other projectsin the pipeline include Cowboys & Aliens with Sony, Unique with Disney, and ten films through a $200mproduction deal with Gold Circle Films.

Rosenbergpreviously created and headed up Malibu Comics Entertainment, eventuallyselling the company to Marvel Comics in 1994. While at Malibu he developed the MenIn Black comic andbrought it to Sony for feature adaptation.