Polish directors Andrei Saramonowicz and Tomasz Konecki scored a hit at the Polish box office this week with their new film Cialo (The Body).

The film is distributed by SPI and was released on August 22 on 57 prints - a huge number for Poland. Cialo weighed in with a gross of $318,668 in its first weekend on release.

The success of Cialo proves that, despite the funding cuts that have caused a lack of Polish blockbusters this year, there is still a strong demand for Polish films.

Produced by Look Film Studio, this is the first professional feature by the two directors. Cialo is a comedy about a small time crook who accidentally kills his companion and tries to get rid of the body. It stars top Polish actor Zbigniew Zamachowski who is known to international audiences for his leading role in the White film of Krzysztof Kieslowski s Three Colours Trilogy