Poland's Bartek Konopka has been selected from among 100 young filmmakers from all over the world as this year's winner of the treatment contest for the PLANET Documentary Film Prize 2004.

In Konopka's project Goat Walker, the audience learns from the perspective of female goat about a recent measure to combat poverty and unemployment in Poland: instead of the usual social welfare assistance, the inhabitants of a small Polish community are given goats as suppliers of basic food like milk and cheese.

'Goat Walker surprised us with its unusual perspective that allows a humorous view on a serious subject. We can learn a lot about Polish families and their social conditions', says Barbara Rudnik who chaired the jury composed of filmmakers Christian Frei and Andres Veiel, Polish author and director Andrzej Titkow as well as Matthias Pfeffer, editor-in-chief at FOCUS TV.

Goat Walker will be produced by PLANET in the coming months, with the film's premiere . being held during next year's Berlinale when Konopka will officially receive the Documentary Film Prize.

A graduate of Film Studies and Directing from universities in Krakow and Katowice, Konopka enrolled for the documentary film course at the Andrzej Wajda Master School in Warsaw this year.