Themes of politics and international affairs dominate the line-up of documentaries playing at the Toronto International Film Festival this year.

Special Presentations includes Errol Morris' The Fog Of War - a profile of Robert S. McNamara - which receives its North American premiere, while Ron Mann's Go Further - which follows actor and activist Woody Harrelson on a 'Simple Organic Living' tour of the US - receives its Canadian premiere.

In total, 27 documentary features play at Toronto - 18 of which are world, international or North American premieres.

The Real To Real documentary section comprises 21 feature length documentaries and one short - including The Agronomist, a documentary by Silence Of The Lambs director Jonathan Demme which profiles a militant Haitian journalist and political activist. Other docs in the section include Rithy Panh's S21, La Machine De Mort Khmere Rouge; Kim Bartley and Donnacha O'Briain's award winning The Revolution Will Not Be Televised; the world premiere of Chris Smith and Sarah Price's The Yes Men about a group of culture-jammers, famed for their elaborate feats of deception; and the international premiere of Tom Zubrycki's Molly And Mobarak, which follows a young Afghani refugee who is challenged by a resurgence of racism in his small Australian town.

Toronto International Film Festival documentary line-up:

Special Presentations:
The Fog Of War
Errol Morris
Go Further Ron Mann

Real To Reel:
The Agronomist, Jonathan Demme
S21, La Machine De Mort Khmere Rouge, Rithy Panh
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Kim Bartley And Donnacha O'briain
The Yes Me,n Chris Smith And Sarah Price
Molly And Mobarak, Tom Zubrycki,
The Mayor Of Sunset Strip, George Hickenlooper
Festival Express, Bob Smeaton
Tom Dowd And The Language Of Music, Mark Moormann,
Los Angeles Plays Itself, Thom Andersen
Jesus, You Know, Ulrich Seidl
Bright Leaves, .Ross Mcelwee
Enquete Sur Le Monde Invisible, Jean Michel Roux
The Five Obstructions, Jorgen Leth And Lars Von Trier
Game Over: Kasparov And The Machine, A Vikram Jayanti
The Story Of The Weeping Camel, Byambasuren Davaa And Luigi Falorni
Dream Cuisine, Li Ying
Aileen: Life And Death Of A Serial Killer, Nick Broomfield
The Blonds, Albertina Carri,
The Passion Of Maria Elena, Mercedes Moncada
Tibet: Cry Of The Snow Lion Tom Peosays
Destiny's Children, Pimmi Pande (Short)
West Of The Tracks, Wang Bing

Previously announced documentaries in the Festival include one film in the Masters section (Allan King's Dying At Grace), four films in Perspective Canada (Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott's The Corporation; Gil Cardinal's Totem; Jeff Stephenson and Jason Tan's Flyerman; Ann Marie Fleming's The Magical Life Of Long Tack Sam), and one film in Vida de Novo: The New Brazilian Cinema (Jose Padilha's Bus 174).