Paramount's monster movie Cloverfield took a big hit in its second weekend in North America but has everything to gain overseas as it goes on the rampage in 15 territories through PPI this weekend. The film lands in Germany on Jan 31, followed by the UK, Mexico, Italy, Spain and Austria on Feb 1 and is expected to build strongly on its $16.6m international running total.

PPI's No Country For Old Men, which has grossed $12.5m, opens in Brazil on Feb 1 while The Kite Runner, which stands at $13.6m, opens in Argentina on Jan 31. Things We Lost In The Fire gets a couple of prestigious launches in France on Jan 30 and the UK on Feb 1.

Warner Bros Pictures International's (WBPI) Sweeney Todd ruled the roost last weekend and executives will expect it to build solidly on its early start. The film stands at approximately $32m - WBPI had not released an official update at time of writing.

I Am Legend should cross $300m this weekend despite no major releases in the pipeline. The sci-fi horror stands at $290m; WBPI's Beowulf has grossed $112.8m.

Universal's crime drama American Gangster has taken $104.9m so far and opens in six territories including Japan, Mexico and India on Feb 1.

The Oscar nominated drama Atonement has grossed $53.9m and launches in eight through UPI including South Africa on Feb 1. Real-life drama Charlie Wilson's War stands at $15.9m and launches in four including parts of Scandinavia on Feb 1.

Into The Wild opens in Germany on Jan 31 and in Austria on Feb 1 through Tobis. The true-life adventure has grossed $1.3m through Focus Features International (FFI). Lust, Caution opens in Portugal through Lusomundo and in Belgium through Cineart this weekend and has taken $10.2m to date through FFI.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's family hit Enchanted has reached $170m and the adventure National Treasure: Book Of Secrets stands at $160.2m.

Fox International's family film Alvin And The Chipmunks has reached $107.3m, while the romantic comedy 27 Dresses stands at $11.7m and action sequel AVP2 has grossed $80.3m. All are expected to make solid gains through holdover business this weekend.

The breakout US comedy Juno stands at $5.3m and opens in four territories this weekend including Spain on Feb 1. Wes Anderson's whimsical drama The Darjeeling Limited has grossed $11.2m

New Line International's fantasy romp The Golden Compass has amassed $253.6m.