Madagascar 2 dominated the international box office this weekend with an estimated $50.2m haul through PPI from 5,129 sites in35 territories that raised the relatively early tally to $125m.

The animated sequel opened top in Germany on $11m from 820 venues including previews and produced the biggest single day for any DreamWorks Animation title with $4.1m on Saturday.

Number one results also ensued in France, where $9.8m from 779 delivered the biggest animated launch of the year and the fifth biggest overall of 2008, the UK on $9.5m from 517, Mexico on $4.2m from 438 and Belgium on $1.6m from 115. All included previews.

Elsewhere Madagascar 2 scored number one results in Argentina on $1.2m from 102 for the second biggest Paramount debut ever, Austria on $1.1m from 101, Peru on $1.1m from 101 for the fifth biggest animation launch in history, and Chile on $359,000 from 44.

Spain generated a further $3m from 542 following a 48% drop in the second weekend for $9.5m. The film opens in Brazil and Venezuela next year.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's Quantum Of Solace added $10.8m from 6,350 screens in 72 markets for $357.8m and stands at more than $508m worldwide. The James Bond spy saga opened Venezuela on $415,000 from 75 screens.

In the third weekend the film fell 45% in Australia on $1.6m from 474 for $15.1m and tumbled 48% in Spain on $1.2m from 481 for $10.1m. In the fifth weekend Bond fell 44% in Germany on $1.3m from 788 for $37.1m and fell 28% in Holland on $500,000 from 133 for $7.2m. In the sixth weekend the film added $1.1m from 571 in the UK after a 53% drop for $77.4m and grossed $425,000 from 315 after a 60% plunge for $30.8m.

Horror title Quarantine added $970,000 from 715 in six for $4.4m and touched down in Argentina on $90,000 from 32 and Germany on $80,000 from 87.

The comedy Pineapple Express took $620,000 from 365 in 12 markets for $13.6m while the thriller Lakeview Terrace added $335,000 from 205 in 12 for $3.8m.

Twilight added a further $9.8m from 2,169 screens in 18 markets through Summit International and now stands at $33m overseas and an incredible $171.5m worldwide.

The vampire romance opened in five markets this weekend including a number one launch in Spain that delivered $4.2m from 492. It arrives in Australia next weekend and the UK on December 19.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's Bolt grossed $9.5m for 19.5m running total. The animated romp bit a further $3.2m out of the Russian market after a 30% drop in its second weekend for $9m and took $1.4m from Italy after falling 40% for $4.2m after two weekends. A 31% climb in the second weekend in Poland saw the film add $1.2m for $2.5m.

Bolt launched in Spain on $1.9m and is expected to continue well heading into Monday's national holiday. In other debuts the film grossed $730,000 in Singapore and $670,000 in Malaysia.

Wall-E scored a strong debut as expected in Japan as $5.5m raised the international running total to $271m. Executives expect their latest Pixar release to cross $300m by the end of its run. High School Musical 3: Senior Year raised the tally by $4.5m to $140.4m, fired by a $2.6m debut in Australia that was vying with Fox International's Australia for the number one spot. High School Musical 3 scored the biggest launch ever for a musical on $355,000.

Fox International's epic Australia took $2.4m in Australia in its second weekend from 644 screens, raising the tally to $9.6m.

Warner Bros Pictures International's terrorism thriller Body Of Lies added $5m from 3,000 screens in 57 markets for $52.5m and the romance Nights In Rodanthe added $417,000 from 944 screens in 37 for $32m.

Universal's Changeling grossed $3.3m through UPI from 1,012 venues in nine territories for $19.1m, Burn After Reading raised its tally by $1.1m from 624 in 20 to $74.5m, Death Race added $900,000 from 828 in 25 for $36.3m and Mamma Mia! raised its tally by $300,000 from 330 in 25 for $425.4m and still has Japan to go on January 30.

Saw V added $2m form 800 in 38 for $40.7m and opened in South Korea, Italy, Chile and Iceland this weekend.

New Line International's comedy Four Christmases stands at an early $8.8m and opened in Australia in fourth place on $1.1m from 202 screens. The UK stands at $6.6m after adding $1.5m in the second weekend.