Once again Fox International's The Devil Wears Prada dominated the overseas arena as thecomedy grossed an estimated $22.7m from 4,250 screens to raise its tally to$75.5m.

Four muscular launches drove the result, led by a $3.7mnumber one Italian haul on 437 screens, and $4.4m from 575 German screens forsecond place.

Prada opened top on$1.2m from 98 in Taiwan, while executives were awaiting confirmation of apossible number one debut in Holland on $842,000 from 80. A smaller number oneChilean debut produced $56,000 from 26.

Strong holds also played their part, as the UK generated $3.7mfrom 446 representing an impressive 11% drop in the second weekend for $12.8m.The picture is vying for top spot with The Departed.

In its third weekend, Prada ranked second in Australia on $1.2m from 304 for $9.2m, andtook $1.9m from 507 for $10.1m in France, where it remained number one in Parisand the suburbs for the third consecutive weekend.

Drama The History Boys did very well in its first launch in the UK, grossing $1.5m from293 screens to rank fifth and registering strong per-screen averages.

LittleMiss Sunshine added $1.8m from 615screens for a $12.6m international running total. The comedy opened in thirdplace in Australia on $882,000 from 103, and took $38,000 from 133 screens inArgentina.

Paramount's World Trade Center grossed an estimated $10.3m through UIPfrom 3,645 screens in 44 territories for $57.3m. There were eight openingsincluding Italy, where the 9/11 drama ranked second on $1.9m from 311 sites,and South Korea, where it opened third on $1.1m from 140.

Latest figures put Japan on $8.5m, the UK on $7.9m, Spain on$5.5m, and Germany on $4.5m.

The eco-doc An Inconvenient Truth took $1.4m from 416 sites in 19territories for an early $5.8m running total.

The picture opened in seven territories including France, where itranked fifth on $678,000 including $33,000 in previews from 100 screens, andGermany, where it grossed $110,000 from 48. Austria opened on $20,000 from 20. AnInconvenient Truth hasamassed $2m in Australia and $389,000 in New Zealand.

Theanimated feature Barnyard raisedits overseas tally by $1.2m from 837 screens in 13 territories to $6m. Itopened in four small territories including Argentina on $45,000 from 30 venues.

Crimethriller The Departed grossed$7.3m from approximately 1,200 prints in 11 Warner Bros Pictures International(WBPI) and non-Warner Bros markets for an early $16.8m tally.

In WBPI territories the picture opened top in Australia on $1.8mfrom 276 prints and generated approximately 245,000 admissions. This was morethan double the opening of director Martin Scorsese's Casino, 18% better than that of Gangs Of NewYork, and 32% betterthan the launch of The Aviator.

The Departed also opened top in Singapore on $276,000 from 33 prints and drewapproximately 51,000 viewers, and opened second in Thailand on $251,000 from 55prints where it drew approximately 77,000 viewers.

In non-Warner Bros territories, The Departed added $3.6m from 364 sites in its secondweekend in the UK through Entertainment following a commendable 13% drop for$10.4m, and is neck-and-neck with Prada for top spot.

In other second weekend results in non-Warner Bros territories,the picture added $224,000 from 34 prints in Hong Kong for $849,000 and secondplace. It added $133,000 in Taiwan for $1m and second place.

WBPI holds Spanish rights for Guillermo del Toro's Pan'sLabyrinth, and openedthe fantasy at number one on a mighty $3.1m including previews from 300 prints,drawing approximately 449,000 viewers.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) animated feature OpenSeason raised its earlyoverseas tally by $7m from 2,100 screens in 22 territories for $13.6m.

The family title opened top in Mexico on $2.4m from 614 screensand has opened at number one in all its Latin American debuts so far.

It also opened in the UK and grossed $3.2m including previews from489 screens. Without previews the picture ranked third.

Click hasnow become Adam Sandler's biggest overseas picture as a $5.8m weekend haul from2,800 screens in 53 territories raised the tally to $82m.

Constantin Films/Summit Entertainment's murder drama Perfume added $4.4m from 2,083 screens. It hasamassed an excellent $68.8m tally from a relatively small number ofterritories.

Perfume rankedthird and added $2.9m in its fifth weekend in Germany and was expected to cross4.5million admissions on Sunday [Oct 15].

Summit's production Step Up added $1.9m from 681 screens for $13.6m. Figures forMexico, where the picture opened this weekend, were unavailable at time ofwriting.

Universal's comedy You, Me And Dupree added $1.9m through UIP from 900 sitesin 30 territories for $45.2m. It opened on $1m from 210 Spanish sites and has13 territories to go, including France on Nov 1 and Italy on Nov 10.

The crime thriller Miami Vice is closing in on $100m after a $1.2m haulfrom 800 sites in 30 territories raised the overseas tally to $93.5m. It added$800,000 from 206 sites in its second weekend in Italy to rank fourth on $3m.Two territories remain: China on Nov 1 and Lebanon on Oct 27.

Thesci-fi thriller Children Of Men added$460,000 from 200 venues in its fourth weekend in the UK to rank 10th on $8.4m.The next major launches are France, Australia and Russia this week.

Step Up,which Universal acquired for five territories from Summit, grossed $850,000 from 222 sitesin Australia, New Zealand and German-Switzerland for $5m.

It held strong in fourth place in its third weekend inAustralia, where a $575,000 haul from 154 sites raised the tally to $3.8m.

Latest figures put The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift on $94.7m, The Break-Up on $83.8m, and United 93 on $42.8m.

Buena Vista International's (BVI) The Guardian took $2.6m from 700 sites in 10territories for an early $3.4m international cumulative total.

The result was powered by a number two $1.9m launch in Spain on400 screens. The Coast Guard adventure also opened in Sweden on $235,000 from50 screens, and opened top in the Philippines on $220,000 from 40. It opens inthe UK, Germany and Mexico this week.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest added $1.3m for a $637.3m internationaltally. Globally the picture has grossed $1.0581bn.

Cars raised the running total by $1.9m from2,300 screens in 29 territories to $210.7m.