Fox International's The Devil Wears Prada wore its style on its sleeve at theweekend as it dominated the overseas arena on an estimated $15.3m from 2,900screens.

The weekend result was driven by a superb $6.1m number one UKdebut on 446 screens, which swelled the comedy's total gross to $41.5m overall. The UK success included previews from the prior weekend, however, without which Prada would have been narrowly beaten to number one over the three day weekend by Entertainment Film Distributors' The Departed.

Prada alsocut a swathe in several other markets, launching top in Spain on $2.1m on 300,and in Finland on $170,000 on 20. Norway generated $264,000 on 30 for anunconfirmed ranking.

The comedy added $1.9m on 321 in Australia for $7.9m after twoweekends and $634,000 on 321 in Mexico for $4m after three.

Fox's romantic comedy My Super Ex-Girlfriend grossed $965,000 from 840 screens for$29.5m. Thriller The Sentinel took $750,000 from 649 international screens for $35.7m, poweredby a $479,000 Japanese launch on 175.

Paramount's World Trade Center grossed an estimated $12.5m from 3,428screens in 36 territories through UIP for a round $40 million internationalrunning total.

The 9/11 drama opened in 17 territories mostly in Europe, althoughJapan flew the flag for the rest of the world as it generated an impressive$3.4m debut on 400 screens.

Elsewhere, Australia produced $689,000 from 187 sites, whileNorway and Sweden generated number two debuts on $332,000 on 34 screens and$302,000 from 45 sites respectively.

Singapore generated a number one debut on $286,000 on 24 screens.Latest figures put the UK on $6.4m, Spain on $4.1m, and Germany on $3.7m.

The animated pictures Barnyard and Over The Hedge took an estimated $1.3m from 771 venuesin nine territories for $3.7m, and $1.3m from 660 sites in 60 for $165m(including non-UIP territories) respectively.

Jackass Number Two spread the mayhem in its first international opening in theNetherlands on $356,000 from 50 prints.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) Click continued to generated strong business asit added $8.9m from 3,020 screens in 50 territories for $73.1m.

The comedy will overtake 50 First Dates' $75.6m by the end of the week to becomeAdam Sandler's biggest overseas release.

In its second weekend Click added $2.5m for $7.4m in the UK, $1.4m for $5m in Germany,$1.2m for $3.2m in Spain, and $800,000 for $2m in Italy. Both Mexico and Brazilstand on more than $7.5m.

The animated feature Open Season added $2.1m from 930 prints for $3.8m.It opened top in four Latin American territories led by Brazil on $750,000. Theother debuts produced $200,000 in Venezuela, and $130,000 in each of Chile andPeru. It opens next weekend in the UK.

Buena Vista International's (BVI) Pirates Of The Caribbean:Dead Man's Chest added$2.6m for $636m and a $1.056bn global tally.

Cars grossed$3.1m for $209m and opened on $353,000 in first place in its final market ofThailand.

The Guardian opened number one in two territories, taking $130,000 in Argentina,and $100,000 in Indonesia. Israel stayed top in its second weekend on $105,000.

Universal's sci-fi thriller Children Of Men grossed $900,000 from 333 sites in the UKthrough UIP in its third weekend to rank seventh on $7.6m. The picture willroll out in the coming months and the next major openings are France andBelgium on Oct 18 and Australia and Russia on Oct 19.

Miami Vice raised its tally by $2.3m from 1,195 venues in 40 territories to$91.3m. The crime thriller opened well in Italy on $1.5m from 277 sites, and isneck-and-neck with Woody Allen's Scoop for the top spot. The final two territories are Lebanon onOct 27 and China on Nov 1.

You, Me And Dupree grossed $1.8m from 1,100 in 34 for $42.7m. The comedy has amassed$15.2m in the UK after six weekends and opens in Spain on Oct 11.

The comedy Accepted opened in its first international market the UK on $675,000 from248 sites. Step Upstands on $3.4m from four UIP markets, The Break-Up has amassed $82.8m, The Fast And TheFurious: Tokyo Drift standsat $94.2m, and United 93 has grossed $42.3m.

Weekend results for Summit Entertainment/Constantin's murder dramaPerfume and the Warner Bros Pictures International slate will be made availablethis week.