Fox International's The Devil Wears Prada swept past $100m on the back of anestimated $19m weekend overseas haul.

The comedy now stands at $104m thanks to strong holds in theEuropean markets and a $617,000 number one debut in Sweden on 66 screens.

Prada added$3.4m from 606 in its second weekend in Germany dropping just 14% drop for a$9.3m total and a possible number two ranking.

The picture added $3.5m from 440 after a superb 4% drop in itssecond weekend in Italy for $8.8m and a possible number one ranking.

Third and fourth weekends in the UK and France respectivelygenerated $2.6m from 450 for $17.6m and $1.3m for $12m.

Fox's Little Miss Sunshine added $1.3m from 472 international screens for a $14.1mtally, buoyed by a $482,000 Spanish launch on 185, and $162,000 from 32 inBrazil.

The History Boys raised its UK total after two weekends by $1.1m from 295 screensto $3.7m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) animated feature OpenSeason added $7.7m from2,815 screens in 25 markets for an early $23.6m tally.

The result was powered by a number one $2.2m French debut from 644screens. French-speaking Switzerland and Malaysia both generated number onedebuts on $145,000 from 23, and $140,000 from 37 respectively.

The picture fell a slight 16% in the UK in its second weekend on$1.9m from 480 for $5.9m and second place.

Open Season stayed top in Mexico on $1.6m from 614 in its third weekend andhas amassed $4.5m.

The comedy Click added $3.6m from 2,150 screens in 46 markets for $87.2m, andopened in sixth place in Holland on $260,000 from 30. After four weekends itranks sixth in both the UK and Germany, having amassed $11.8m and $6.9m.

SPRI opened Marie Antoinette day-and-date with North American in the UK on $1m from 250screens in 12th place. It also opened in Portugal on $120,000 from 16 in thirdplace.

The picture grossed $1.1m overall from 266 in these two markets.SPRI holds worldwide rights outside French-speaking territories (Pathe) andJapan (Toho-Kushinsha).

Paramount's World Trade Center took $6.9m through UIP from 3,200 venuesin 50 territories for $69.9m.

The 9/11 drama opened top in Hong Kong on $321,000 from 23locations. It opened second in Argentina on $97,000 from 39 screens.

Latest updates put Japan on $12.5m, the UK on $8.6m, and Italy on$4.4m.

Barnyard added$2.7m from 1,354 screens in 16 territories for an early $9.2m internationalrunning total. It opened on $1.7m including previews in the UK from 443.

An Inconvenient Truth grossed $1.4m from 418 venues in 21 territories for $7.8m, fuelledby a strong $704,000 hold in France that raised the tally to $1.5m.

Elsewhere, Australia stands at $2.2m, Germany stands at $306,000,New Zealand has taken $442,000, and Austria stands at $65,000.

Buena Vista International's (BVI) The Guardian added $5.2m from 15 territories for a$9.5m overseas cumulative total.

The Coast Guard drama opened in third place in the UK on $1.5mfrom 350 screens, and opened in second place in Mexico on $1.2m from 325.

The 3D version of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas opened 13 years after its original 2Drelease and went out strongly in Japan, grossing $70,000 from three screens.

The picture is scheduled to open in the UK, Germany, Australia,South Korea and Singapore.

Figures for Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Cars were unavailable at time of writing andwill be updated this week.

Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) reported a $5.1m weekendfor The Departed throughall distributors on approximately 1,200 prints in 13 markets for a $25.3mrunning total.

InWBPI territories, the crime thriller stayed top in Australia in its secondweekend on $1.4m from 376 prints for $3.9m. It ranked third in its secondweekend in Singapore on $129,000 from 33 for $498,000.

In non-WBPI territories, The Departed stayed top in its third weekend in the UKon $2.8m from 362 sites for $15.4m.

WBPI holds overseas rights for this weekend's domestic champion ThePrestige, and opened themystery in three Asian markets on 137 prints for $964,000.

The bulk of business took place in Taiwan, where The Prestige opened top on $700,000 including previewsfrom 78 nationwide prints.

It opened in second place in Singapore on $200,000 from 29 prints,and opened in Malaysia on $67,000from 30.

WBPI holds Spanish and Mexican rights to the fantasy Pan'sLabyrinth, which added$2.1m from more than 500 screens in the two territories.

Pan's Labyrinth stayed top in Spain in its second weekend, adding $1.4m from 301screens for $5m.

It opened in third place on $732,000 from 200 prints in Mexico,which has submitted the picture as its official Oscar foreign-language entry.

Universal's sci-fi thriller Children Of Men added $2.8m through UIP from 765 sites ineight territories powered by launches in France, Belgium, Australia, Spain andRussia.

The international total stands at $11.5m with 38 territories toopen. France generated $840,000 from 147 venues to rank fourth.

Australia produced $600,000 from 162 sites and ranks fifth, whileSpain generated $675,000 from 162 and ranks sixth.

After five weekends in the UK Children Of Men ranks 16th after adding $200,000 from 95for $8.8m.

Universal acquired The Grudge 2 for the UK and opened the horror sequelthere in fourth place on $1.5m from 329 sites.

You, Me And Dupree added $1m from 810 venues in 30 territories to raise itsinternational tally to $47m. Itranks 10th in Spain after two weekends and added $360,000 from 209 for $1.4m.

Miami Vice grossed $600,000 from 490 venues in 25 territories for $94.5m.Only China and Lebanon remain.

Step UP added$500,000 from 210 sites in three territories for a Universal overseas tally of$5.7m.

The dance drama ranks seventh in Australia on $4.2m after fourweekends, and sixth in New Zealand on $712,000 after five.

The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift has amassed $95m and remains active ineight territories including Japan, where it has taken $8.1m in five weekends.

Latest figuresput The Break-Up on$84.1m with South Korea still to open, and United 93 on $43.3m.