Charlie And The Chocolate Factory remained the number oneinternational release after an estimated $12.8m haul raised the cumulativetotal to $176.3m through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI).

Thehighlights were a $1.8m Korean launch including previews for an unconfirmed ranking, and number one launches in Norway and Sweden on $1.5m on 97 screens and $586,000 on 125 respectively. The Norwegian debut was WBPI's biggest of the year and the fourth biggest of all time behind the first three Harry Potter pictures.

Charlie stayed top in Japan after adding $3.2m from 359 for $11.4m after two weekends.

The Dukes Of Hazzard grossed $3.2m from 16 markets, powered by a $2.4m number one Australian launch on 275 screens. To date the television adaptation has grossed $16.4m.

Sci-fi adventure The Island grossed $2.1m from 1,880 screens for a $121.3minternational cumulative total.

Buena Vista International reported an $8.5m weekend for itsDepression Era drama Cinderella Man, which currently stands at more than $16m.

Thepicture scored a string of $1m-plus launches in several territories, opening on$1.8m in Japan, $1.1m in France, $1m in Korea, and $356,000 in Russia. Allrankings were unconfirmed at time of writing.

In a string of considerable second weekend holds, CinderellaMan added $780,000 for$2.4m and fifth place in the UK, $675,000 for $2.1m and third place in Italy,$650,000 for $2m and fifth place in Spain, and $635,000 for $1.7m and fourthplace in Mexico following a mere 5% drop.

The family comedy Sky High grossed $1.5m for $2.7m over the weekend, fired up by an$850,000 second place launch in Mexico. It added $510,000 for $1m after itssecond weekend in Australia.

Universal's Pride And Prejudice trounced the competition in itsfirst launch through UIP in the UK, where it opened number one on $4.6mincluding previews from 398 sites and snagged 30% market share.

The result compared favourably to previous similar releases, beatingthe launch of Shakespeare In Love by 26% and Billy Elliot by 49%. The period romance opens in the Netherlands nextweekend followed by most of the rest of the world in early 2006.

Aardman Animation and DreamWorks International's animatedtitle Wallace And Gromit in The Curse Of The Wererabbit enjoyed a superb Australian launchthrough UIP in its first global release Down Under, opening top on an estimated$1.8m including previews.

The result was approximately 19% better than Chicken Run without previews, 10% ahead of The Cat In The Hat, and 19% ahead of Peter Pan. UIP executives expect strong holds as children prepare to break for the school holidays. Wallace And Gromit grossed $175,000 in New Zealand.

DreamWorks International's Madagascar added $5.4m from 2,734 venues toraise its international running total to $315.8m. Italy held well on $2.6m for a $21m cumulative total.

DreamWorks International's thriller Red Eye added $4.4m from 2,009 sites for a $17.3m running total. The picture opened on $700,000 in Mexico and added the same amount in the UK, where it has taken $5.1m to date.

April Snow opened in Japan on $2.3m from 280 sites, making it the biggestever launch for a Korean picture in the territory. While exact figures andrankings were unavailable at time of writing, UIP reports the picture inneck-and-neck with Charlie And The Chocolate Factory for first place.

Universal's The 40-Year-Old Virgin fell just 20% in the UK on $1.5m from381 sites for $9m after three weekends. The comedy launches in Germany on Sept 29, Australia on Oct 6, and France on Nov 9.

Universal's mystery Skeleton Key added $2.3m from 1,420 venues in 33territories for a $36m international running total, while horror sequel Land Of The Dead added $1.2m from 715 in 26 territories for $16.2m.

Fantastic Four opened top in Italy through Fox International on $4.9m includingpreviews from 551 screens, and scored a $1.8m Japanese launch on 453 for anunconfirmed ranking.

The Transporter 2 raised its early international running total to $3.1m. Thehighlights were a $410,000 Russian hold on 170 screens for $1.6m after two weekends, and a $380,000 Mexican launch on 200.

Horror tale The Cave opened top in Taiwan on $297,000 on 57 in Fox's onlyterritory on the title.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) Bewitched added $3.2m on 2,030 screens for a $46.1m international cumulative total.

The comedy held well in German-speaking territories, adding $1.2m on 611 for $5m and second place in Germany after three weekends, and $215,000 for $1m in Austria, where it remained number one for the third weekend in a row.

DeuceBigalow: European Gigolo opened top in Mexico on $1.4m from 400 screens to produce Rob Schneider's biggest ever opening in the territory.

TheLongest Yard raised its running total by $1.8m to $23,9m; it added $1.6m on 383 in the UK for $4.6m after two weekends.

Sony's local language production Two Children Of Francisco remained number one for the firth consecutive weekend in Brazil as it added $830,000 for a very impressive $8.3m running total.

The action picture Stealth grossed $2.6m on 1,700 screens for $27.5m. SPRI plans an aggressive Japanese launch on Oct 8.

New Line International scored a hit in Spain with the comedy Monster In Law, which opened top on $1.9m on 311 screens. The international running total stands at $58.8m, while Wedding Crashers has grossed $56.2m.