Fu Works' San Fu Maltha, X-Filme creative pool's Maria Koepf and

Renegade Films' Ildiko Kemeny are among 17 up-and-coming producers from 16 European countries who have been selected by members of the pan-European promotional initiative European Film Promotion (EFP) for "Producers On The Move" at the forthcoming Cannes Film Festival (May 9-20).

Commenting on this latest EFP showcase, which is dedicated to producers who are relatively new to the business, EFP president Claudia Landsberger said that it will: "create a broad network which these producers can tap into whenever necessary. After all, co-producing has become the reality of almost every European producer. Who you know is vital for your future productions".

The complete line-up of the producers and their selected productions for Producers On The Move is:

Anna Anthony (Sweden) - Memfis Film/Jalla! Jalla!

Lilette Botassi (Greece) - Inkas Film/Polaroid

Donatella Botti (Italy) - Bianca Film/Le Parole Di Mio Padre

Kaat Camerlynck (Belgium) - Corridor/Verboden Te Zuchten

Amandio Coroado (Portugal) - Rosa Filmes/O Fantasma

Edward Dreyer (Norway) - Christiania Film/Detektor

Diana Elbaum (Belgium) - Entre Chien Et Loup/Thomas Est Amoreux

Anna Heiskanen (Finland) - d.o. Films /Bad Luck Love

Ildiko Kemeny (UK) - Renegade Films/Room To Rent

Julius Kemp (Iceland) - Icelandic Film Company/Islenski Draumurinn

Maria Koepf (Germany) - X-Filme creative pool/Der Krieger Und Die Kaiserin

Tristan Orpen Lynch (Ireland) - Subotica Entertainment/On The Nose

Kim Magnusson (Denmark) - M&M Productions/Blinkende Lygter

San Fu Maltha (Netherlands) - Fu Works/Costa!

Marc Missonnier (France) - Fidelite Productions/Sous Le Sable

Isona Passola (Spain) - Massa D'Or Produccions/El Mar

Donato Rotunno (Luxembourg) - Tarantula Luxembourg/Ere Mela Mela