The Academy ofMotion Picture Arts And Sciences has issued its final roster of producersassociated with each of the five best picture nominees.

Michael Mann andGraham King are nominated for The Aviator; Richard N Gladstein and Nellie Bellflower for FindingNeverland; ClintEastwood, Albert S Ruddy and Tom Rosenberg for Million Dollar Baby; Taylor Hackford, Stuart Benjamin andHoward Baldwin for Ray;and Michael London for Sideways.

Producers for TheAviator, MillionDollar Baby and Ray were not announced when the nominationswere unveiled on Jan 25 because the four producers on each title had not toldthe Academy who would stand. Academy rules allow a maximum of three producerson each title.

The team for Rayeventually informed theAcademy who would stand, while the nominees for The Aviator and Million Dollar Baby were determined by the executivecommittee of the Academy's producers branch.