Shooting has just wrapped onAustralian thriller The Tumbler whichgives Stacey Testro, executive producer on the Saw horror franchise, her first credit as a producer.

Testro and Marc Gracie, whoalso directed the Chris Thompson script, are producing the low-budget pictureunder the Stacey Testro International and Mondayitis banners.

"It harks back to the US political thrillers of the 1970s," said Gracie.

The Tumblerstars Gary Sweet (The Tracker) as an ex-conand ace safe cracker who teams up with a female US soldier and an Afghani-Australian to search formilitary gold left behind at a deserted military base during World War II.

The film was shot on highdefinition equipment in May in and around the outback town of Broken Hill, which has hosted many iconic films from Mad Max 2 to The Adventures Of Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert.

The Tumblerwas one of the films selected last year for SPAAmart, the financing marketattached to the annual conference of the Screen Producers Association ofAustralia.

Gracie said the film is privatelyfinanced and it was a conscious decision not to get a sales agent ordistributor on board in order to retain most of the rights.

"We knew it was interestingsubject matter, knew we wanted to do it quickly and knew we could do it for theprice," said Gracie.

The Tumblermarks Gracie's return to the thrillers he directed for producer Rosa Colosimoin the early 1990s; he recently made the comedies You And Your Stupid Mate and Takeaway.