The day-long transmedia exercise on Apr 28 is one example of what is to come from the New York-based Film Society of Lincoln Center’s (FSLC) transmedia and immersive media partnership with StoryCode and Kill Screen Magazine.

The collaborators plan monthly events in the FSLC’s Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center and want to develop new relationships in the immersive media space to establish a forum for filmmakers and storytellers through social media, mobile platforms and digital technologies.

The Story Hack: Beta hackathon will challenge participants from various artistic disciplines to design a single cohesive story encompassing three or more technological platforms and execute a single story.

Upcoming events will include Story Forum cases studies and panels and Story Code Immersions, a series of hands-on sessions with technologists and filmmakers.

“We want to offer New York’s transmedia community a place for intelligent and informed discussion of this innovative and evolving art form,” FSLC executive director Rose Kuo said.

“Convergence will not simply offer special events, but is dedicated to providing access of these programmes to the widest possible audience through live streaming and creating an online archive of all past event coverage,” FSLC director of digital strategy Eugene Hernandez added.

StoryCode is a non-profit organisation that has organised New York-based transmedia producers and hosted monthly gatherings throughout Manhattan. Kill Screen is a video game arts and culture company.