Palme D’Or winner Apichatpong ”Joe” Weerasethakul is hatching a new project. The film, at an early stage, is to be called Mekong Hotel.

Details are skimpy on what just form the project (his follow up to Cannes winner Uncle Boonmee) will take and whether it will be a full scale theatrical feature or a smaller, more experimental effort. Whatever happens, it has been confirmed that Apichatpong will again be partnering on the venture with Keith Griffiths and Simon Field of Illuminations Films.

Another project that Griffiths is co-producing and that is likely to be ready by the end of the year is Shock Head Soul by Simon Pummell. This cross media doc tells the strange story of Daniel Paul Schreber, the German judge who became convinced that God was trying to turn him into a woman.

Famous as an Outsider Artist, Schreber was a successful lawyer, who in 1893, started to receive messages from God via a ‘Writing Down Machine’ that spanned the cosmos.   He spent the next nine years confined to an asylum.

The film is being produced by Amsterdam-based Submarine Films. Griffiths and Janine Marmot of Hot Property are coproducing.