New York-based Atlantic Overseas Pictures (AOP) and Castel Film Studios in Romania have teamed up to produce The Apple based on a screenplay by Ivo Marloh.

The long gestating project tells the true story of Herman Rosenblat, the man at the centre of one of the biggest Holocaust literary frauds of all time.

The Apple was originally set up as a love story at AOP, however when it subsequently emerged that Rosenblat had lied about his life, AOP chief Harris Salomon ordered a rewrite of the script to focus on the man’s deceitful behaviour.

The new version will include Oprah Winfrey, who championed Rosenblat’s story on her show before the hoax was exposed.

AOP and Castel have set a mid-2011 production start at the Castel Studios in Bucharest and plan to start the cast search in autumn.

“Rosenblat’s story started out as an amazing story of love and survival, but unfortunately it wasn’t true and he and Atlantic Overseas were deceived along with the rest of the world after investing over a million dollars into developing the original Rosenblat story,” Salomon said.

“After the scandal broke, it quickly became apparent that the new story of lies and deceit by Rosenblat was more fabulous than the original love story and we decided to rewrite the script to reflect the story of a man who created, perhaps the most famous love story of our generation before it was revealed to be a giant hoax perpetrated by an old man who took the world by storm.”

Castel’s Vlad Paunescu added: “Rosenblat’s story is fascinating because what started out as a story of love and the goodness of humankind turned into something far more sinister.”