Artificial Intelligence and Social Capital Films have acquired remake rights to Jerry Lewis’ Paramount library.

Christopher Tuffin, John Baca and George Paige will serve as producers on the films. German distributor Square One Entertainment is co-financing the development and has acquired the German rights to the remakes.

The first three films on the slate will be The Bellboy, Cinderfella and The Family Jewels. The producers plan to develop each film as a franchise for a major comedy star. Each film will capture the spirit of the original, including The Bellboy’s slapstick romp about a bellboy who runs amok in a five star hotel; Cinderfella’s gender twist on the classic fairy tale; and The Family Jewels’ story of a dim limo driver who befriends an orphaned heiress.

Development on the first three films is expected to commence shortly and the producers are doing the rounds in Hollywood to line up talent. No studio has been assigned to the projects.

“Our goal is to reboot each picture as a stand-alone comedy franchise, drawing heavily from Lewis’ comedic genius, as well as his heart-warming storytelling,” Artificial Intelligence’s Baca said. Jerry Lewis himself, Renee Tab, Martin Shore and Al Munteanu will serve as executive producers.

The library also includes such Lewis classics as The Errand Boy, The Patsy and Who’s Minding The Store?

Paramount terminated its association with Lewis in the 1970s and the rights reverted to the comedian. Subsequent Lewis remakes like The Nutty Professor were released by Universal.

Paramount still retains full distribution rights to the original Lewis catalogue.