Los Angeles-based distribution and production company American World Pictures (AWP) has teamed up with producer Aaron L Gilbert and his Bron Studios (Bron) to co-produce three sci-fi films.

The first to go is Jabberwocky, which tells the story of a young man who must become a warrior to save his people and the woman he loves after a horrific beast is unleashed on the kingdom. Bron’s Bernie Melanson and John Raymonds serve as executive producers. 

Next up will be Leviathan and Pandora’s Box which are set for first and third quarter 2011 production starts, respectively.

“We love the sci-fi genre and are excited about these high concept films and about growing our relationship with Mark and Dana at American World Pictures,” Gilbert said. 

AWP founder Dana Dubovsky said: “Our first project Jabberwocky has been fast-tracked and will begin filming in Bulgaria in late October.”

AWP president Mark L Lester and Dubovsky first teamed up with Bron when AWP picked up sales rights to Gilbert’s film Paradox.

Brenton Spencer directed Paradox, which has been invited to the 2010 International Science Fiction Film Festival in South Korea in late October and stars Kevin Sorbo. AWP will screen the film at AFM in November.