Peter Hewitt’s film will shoot this summer in Maryland and Ireland.

Bette Midler and Pixie Lott will star in Sweet Baby Jesus, which Intandem Films is selling internationally.

Pixie Lott, the new UK singing star, will play a hippie named Mary in the 1970s who with her boyfriend Joe visits her mom for Christmas in Bethlehem, Maryland. She stays at a B&B owned by Midler’s gossipy character.  The small town is soon buzzing with talk that Mary’s pregnancy might signal the second coming.

The film will shoot this summer in Maryland and Ireland.

Peter Hewitt (Garfield, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey) will direct. He said: “[The film] allows us to experience the wonder of the second coming and witness modern reactions to those events. I am so delighted with the cast so far assembled - from film newcomer, Pixie Lott, to film goddess, Bette Midler, all connected by a love for this extraordinary project. I love this script and I really cannot wait to bring it to the cinema screen.”

Andrew Brown, executive director of Intandem Films, said: “Intandem is building a fantastic slate of highly commercial comedies, of which the unique Sweet Baby Jesus will be the first to start production. We’re delighted to be working with such an experienced team and commercial cast and are particularly proud to introduce Pixie Lott in her acting debut!” 

Philippe Rebboah, producer, added: “There are a lot more surprises to be announced on the cast, especially for the role of Joe. We are signing other great actors, yet to be announced. The music will also be very important for this film and we’re going to be including original songs of the ’70s and modern day artists”.