On the back of Gerontophilia, Canadian enfant terrible Bruce LaBruce has begun writing his follow-up, Twincest (working title).

LaBruce has secured development funding through Quebec’s SODEC (Société de développement des entreprises culturelles) and is co-writing with Montreal-based screenwriter Martin Girard.

The director reunites with Gerontophilia producer Nicolas Comeau of 1976 Productions and has earmarked a summer 2015 start.

Twincest tells the story of identical twins Dominic and Daniel who are separated from their adulterous, lesbian mother shortly after their birth in 1950.

While Dominic has the good fortune to be raised by loving grandparents in Quebec City, Daniel is raised in a monastery by a depraved priest.

Twenty-one years later, unaware of each other’s existence, the two young men are brought together and are soon engulfed in a tempestuous mix of sex, revenge and redemption.

LaBruce said the project is inspired by the works of Hitchcock, Brian De Palma, Jean Cocteau and Ingmar Bergman.