Mark Canton and comic publisher Graphic India have hired Mukunda Michael Dewil to adapt the Indian superhero comic book series The Sadhu for the big screen.

The story centres on a young Westerner trained by the mystic Indian Sadhus.

Graphic India co-founders Sharad Devarajan and Gotham Chopra are producing the feature with Canton and David Hopwood.

“Besides his evident skills as a filmmaker, Mukunda has life experiences so close to what’s in the graphic novels that he is the perfect fit for our project,” said David Hopwood Sr, svp of development and production at Atmosphere Entertainment.

“Much like 300The Sadhu is rich with mythic characters from a fantastical culture,” said Mukunda, who left a lucrative job at Ogilvy Advertising in Cape Town while in his 20s to live with the Sadhus of Vrindhavan in India.

“Throw in a far out mystical superhero and I think we’ve got the ingredients for another groundbreaking franchise.”