Blinder Films (which is behind TIFF title Sensation) is at work on its next feature film, Citadel, which will shoot on location in Glasgow in November.

The project is the debut feature from writer/director Ciaran Foy.

The psychological horror film is about an agoraphobic single father who wants to leave the area that haunts him.

All post-production will be done in Dublin.

Foy, who previously made award-winning short The Faeries of Blackheath Woods, is one of eight filmmakers selected for the Zentropa/Sigma Films Advance Party II scheme. The first Advance Party scheme produced films including Andrea Arnold’s Red Road and Morag McKinnon’s Donkeys.

Katie Holly (who produced TIFF selection Sensation) is production for Blinder Films, in co production with Scotland’s Sigma Films. Brian Coffey serves as co-producer and Gillian Berrie (Hallam Foe) as executive producer.

The film’s budget of under Euros 3m is backed by the Irish Film Board and Scottish Screen as well as tax credits.

Also, Blinder’s first feature, dramatic thriller One Hundred Mornings, is set for a week-long run in Los Angeles from September 16.