The non-profit body said it had received more than 1,000 submissions from more than 70 countries.

“As a group, these new projects tackle a number of timely themes and topics from unexpected viewpoints,” Cinereach grants manager Adella Ladjevardi said. “We are excited for the many surprises that will be revealed as each one progresses towards completion.”

The winter 2011 grant recipients include two fiction and 10 nonfiction works-in-progress as well as a hybrid. The recipients are:

The Angola Project, dir. Jeremy Xido | Angola | Nonfiction | In Research & Development

Diamond, Silver & Gold, dir. Jason Kohn | US | Nonfiction | In Production

The Great Invisible, dir Margaret Brown [pictured] | US | Nonfiction | In Production

In The Last Days Of The City, dir. Tamer El Said | Egypt | Fiction | In Post-Production

Just Do It: A Tale Of Modern Day Outlaws, dir. Emily James | UK | Nonfiction | In Post-Production

Montana Medical Marijuana Film, dir. Rebecca Richman Cohen | US | Nonfiction | In Production

Narco Cultura, dir. Shaul Schwarz | Mexico-US | Nonfiction | In Production

The Patron Saints, dir. Melanie Shatzky and Brian Cassidy | US | Hybrid | In Post-Production

The Scribe Of Uraba, dir. Jeff and Michael Zimbalist | US/Colombia | Fiction | In Development

States, dir. David Soll | USA-Southern Sudan-Western Sahara | Nonfiction | In Research & Development

Strong Island, dir. Yance Ford | US | Nonfiction | In Production

Ushio + Noriko, dir. Zachary Heinzerling | USA | Nonfiction | In Post-Production

The Vanquishing Of The Witch Baba Yaga, dir. Jessica Oreck | Russia-Poland-Ukraine | Nonfiction | In Post-Production