Edward Noeltner’s Beverly Hills-based Cinema Management Group has announced that principal photography started yesteday [November 30] on House Of The Rising Sun.

The project is based on Chuck Hustmyre’s novel of the same title about a former policeman recently released from prison who is framed for the murder of a crime lord’s son and must find the killers before he is either killed or sent back to jail.

Grindstone/Lionsgate will release in the US and the film stars David Bautista, Amy Smart, Dominic Purcell, Craig Fairbrass and Danny Trejo. 

Brian A Miller is directing and Berkshire Axis Media’s Mark Sanders and John G Carbone are producing alongside Kelly Slattery.

Noeltner has licensed UK and Canadian rights to Momentum/Alliance, Australia and New Zealand to Transmission, the Middle East to Front Row, Indonesia to Pratama, Poland to Vision Film and Romania to ProRom Media Trade.

House Of The Rising Sun is the ideal combination of crime, action, and thriller elements,” Noeltner said. “This story is perfect for the international market and will definitely be a must-see for the action aficionados.”