Documentary film-maker Alan Ereira has started production on his new film, Aluna.

The project is a follow-up to his 1990 BBC documetnary From The Heart Of The World: The Elder Brother’s Warning, about the Kogi tribe.

This new film will follow a Kogi girl and her father leaving Colombia to visit the UK this summer.

The film is financed by private equity and will be shot on the new Red Epic camera.

Aluna is being planned for theatrical release in early 2012 and Ereira is currently in talks with distributors.

The 1990 film introduced the lost civilisation of the Kogi, in the Colombian mountains, who believe their lives are to care for the world, a task being made harder by the destructive actions of mankind.

The Kogi approached Ereira in 2010 to co-produce this new feature, to reinforce their message to the world. Ereira is training some of the Kogi people to participate directly in the making of the film.

The name ‘aluna’ is what the Kogi call the earth’s life force.

Ereira said: “The Kogi are emerging from their mysterious world to show us how our own acts of destruction are destroying the planet. Aluna will be a spectacular follow-up to the highly successful From the Heart of the World and will provide audiences with a fascinating insight into the Kogi’s belief system. It is essential the Kogi’s message is witnessed by audiences the world over - we owe it to the tribe to help them deliver this important message before it’s too late.”