After Jackie Chan’s recent shoot in Paris for CZ12 (also known as Chinese Zodiac), France is hoping to attract more Asian productions.

“We believe very much in the artistic relationship between France and Asia,” said Olivier-René Veillon, CEO of film commission Ile De France, at a Filmart presentation today. “There are a lot of creative opportunities.”

He continued: “The creative talent coming from Asia can offer a new vision of this region.” Ile de France represents Paris and the surrounding area.

To attract more foreign shoots, the French government in 2009 introduced the Tax Rebate for International Production (TRIP), which covers 20% of eligible costs of productions shooting in France. Now in 2013, a new law has passed that eases requirements for accessing TRIP.

Support is capped at €10m ($12.9m) per project and the funding has to go to a France-based company. The rebate is also open to qualifying animation and VFX work.

Yve Cresson, associate manager of production services company Bayoo, which worked on CZ12, also noted that foreign productions don’t pay VAT.

Foreign producers can also access a €15m ($19.4m) production fund, Veillon noted.

France has bilateral agreements in place with South Korea (since 2006) and China (since 2010).

The first official French-Chinese co-production was Wang Xiaoshuai’s 11 Flowers.