Voice cast also includes Jim Gaffigan, Zendaya, Lance Lim, Greg Proops and Carl Reiner.

Stephen Fry

China’s Original Force Animation has appointed GFM Animation and GFM Films to handle international sales on their first wholly owned animated feature at the EFM.

Original Force Animation co-presidents Sandra Rabins and Penney Finkelman Cox will present extended footage in Berlin next month.

Home and Surf’s Up producer Christopher Jenkins co-wrote and directs the story about a loner goose that rescues two ducklings and sets off to return them to their flock.

The film is in production in time for an anticipated early 2018 release and features a voice cast that includes Jim Gaffigan, Zendaya, Lance Lim, Greg Proops, Carl Reiner and Stephen Fry.

Rabins and Cox made Tuesday’s announcement with Original Force Animation founder and CEO Harley Zhao.