Gnosis Moving Pictures and Vinton Entertainment have signed a co-production deal on a slate of CG animated features for Oscar winner Will Vinton to direct.

The slate includes The Quest, a Monty Python-esque comedy set in outer space that Vinton (pictured) co-wrote with Andrew Wiese and Peter Crabbe. The film will feature the voice of John Cleese.  

Jack Hightower, based on the Dark Horse graphic novel, is a comedic action adventure about a macho secret agent who shrinks to the size of a hotdog.

Moby & Dick, inspired by the Herman Melville novel and tells of the bond between fathers and sons. 

Nicholas, a mix of 3D stop-animation and CGI, is an action–adventure story based on L Frank Baum’s novel, The Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus.

“Our partnership with animation icon Will Vinton is poised to produce engaging and thought-provoking animated content for children and families from one of the best in the business,” said Darius Kamali, CEO of Gnosis Moving Pictures. “We are looking forward to Will’s vision giving these animated stories life.”

“I’ve dedicated my life’s work to bringing to life entertaining and culturally-relevant characters, personalities and content through the power of animated story-telling,” said Vinton, who won the 1975 best short film animation Oscar for Closed Mondays.  

“After pursuing a passion project in theatre, I’m eager to venture back into animation through this incredible new feature film slate in partnership with Gnosis. Together, we’ve got big things in the works.”