EXCLUSIVE: Umedia handling sales on UK-Hungarian co-production.

Jerome Holder and Jonathan Pryce in Dough

Director John Goldschmidt has started principal photography in London on comedic drama Dough.

Umedia International handles world sales and will bring the project to market at AFM next month.

Yehudah Jez Freedman and Jonathan Benson wrote the script, about the unlikely friendship between an old Jewish baker trying to save his family bakery and a young Muslim refugee from Darfur trying to help his mother by selling cannabis.

Producers are György Gattyán, András Somkuti, Goldschmidt and Wolfgang Esenwein, with Bruno György and Geraldine East executive producing.

The cast feature Jonathan Pryce, Phil Davis, Ian Hart, Pauline Collins and Jerome Holder.

Goldschmidt’s Viva Films partnered with German producer Esenwein’s Three Coloured Dog Films to package and finance the project.

The project has been set up as an official UK-Hungarian co-production with Budapest-based Docler Entertainment fully financing.

Esenwein said: “We are extremely happy to be working with András and Bruno and Docler Entertainment and with the terrific cast and very high profile crew that we secured for this film. 

“We hope that Dough will work as a feel-good movie for a wide audience of all age groups and from all cultural and religious backgrounds around the world, because the message of the film is that no matter how different people are and how many prejudices there are to overcome – in the end friendship can conquer all.” 

The project shoots on location in London and at Budapest’s Origo Studios.