The adaptation of Daniel Kehlmann’s bestseller Ich & Kaminski will be Wolfgang Becker’s first feature since Good Bye, Lenin!, which he made ten years ago.

Germany’s X Filme Creative Pool and French producer Margaret Menegoz’s Les Films du Losange will be collaborating for the third time after the Golden Palm-winning Michael Haneke films The White Ribbon and Love for Wolfgang Becker’s first feature film in over ten years.

Becker’s adaptation of Daniel Kehlmann’s bestseller Ich & Kaminski will see the director reunited with Daniel Brühl, who became a star overnight after his lead role as the caring son in Good Bye, Lenin!

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Speaking about the time it has taken for Becker’s next film to come before the camera, Brühl admitted that Becker “has a somewhat baroque pace. Even though I had always been pushing him along. But the idea of us working together again is simply great. The nice thing is that my role in Kaminski has really nothing at all to do with the one from Lenin! It is the complete opposite. After this, people are guaranteed not to say as they have until now: but you were such a nice chap.”

“For Wolfgang, I would even have skipped Rush [where he played Niki Lauda for Ron Howard]” Brühl said.

Indeed, Good Bye, Lenin! was shot in 2001 and didn’t have its premiere until the 2003 Berlin Film Festival before opening in German cinemas on 13 February 2003. Since then, Becker has made two short films – Ballero for the FIFA World Cup draw in 2006 and Krankes Haus, an episode for the omnibus Deutschland 09.

This week, the new project received € 255,000 funding from the German-French Funding Committee administered by France’s CNC and Germany’s German Federal Film Board (FFA). 

The film had previously received support from the German Federal Film Board (FFA), Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and Film- und Medienstiftung NRW.

In addition, Ich & Kaminski will have a second co-producer with a 10% participation coming from Belgium: Esterhazy & Dienst Production.