Production company will partner with other organisations to promote film work by women.

Industry veterans Amy Hobby and Anne Hubbell have launched the female-driven Tangerine Entertainment.

The production company and self-styled community builder will partner with filmmaker organisations and media outlets to promote the work of women.

The Tangerine Entertainment website will include links to blogs and dispatches from the sets of the company’s current productions.

The specially curated Tangerine Movie Night will run every other month and viewers can create their own events around a suggested film that can be streamed.

“The imbalance created by the lack of gender parity offers an opportunity for Tangerine to take advantage of relevant stories and distinct voices found in this under-served work force,” said Hobby.

Hubbell added: “Raising awareness for and cultivating community around female filmmakers will be unique and essential to the plan. Utilising all social media tools and creating grassroots opportunities for personal interaction, Tangerine will cultivate a fanbase, while simultaneously creating work for that audience.”

Hobby has a 20-year track record as a producer and her credits include Secretary and Hamlet starring Ethan Hawke. Hubbell’s experience lies in the corporate and not-for-profit arenas and her current role is sales and marketing director for Eastman Kodak.

The pair previously worked together to produce Jonathan Lisecki’s Gayby and say they want to now work on more character-based features.

They plan also to work with international co-productions and take advantage of US state tax incentives to make films at smart budget levels.